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5 Money-Saving Envelope Products

May 31, 2018

Find out the top 5 money-saving envelope product winners featured by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for 2018.

Facilities managers and building owners like you need cost-effective ways to utilize the envelope products you already have while exploring other alternatives.

BUILDINGS 2018: Money-Saving Products awards are here to help! Below you will find the top 5 envelope products (and their companies) that can save you money this year.

Products include a rolling door that extends the door-cycle life by a multiple of 25; an energy efficient polycarbonate wall system; clearboarding that protects windows and doors from threats; a slim tile facade system that keeps surfaces uncontaminated; and high-performance thermal framing systems.

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Here are the 5 envelope product winners:

  • EverServe
  • LIGHTWALL 3440
  • SecureView Clearboarding
  • Therml=Block TU24650 Series Storefront System​


EverServe is a standard rolling door system with a springless barrel design with integrated shafts and an extended 500,000-cycle life. Provides 25 times the standard door cycle life by eliminating the need for a counterbalance.

Longevity and reliability over time reduce the costs of unnecessary spring replacements and downtime. Ideal for applications exposed to extreme weather.

Opens and closes at speeds of up to 12 inches per second. Additional features include a floor-level controller for easy access control, universal components for maintenance and a built-in braking mechanism to enhance safety.

Company: Overhead Door
Category: Doors & Hardware


This polycarbonate wall system is highly insulated with top thermal performance. EXTECH LIGHTWALL 3440 systems accentuate the benefits of daylighting, improve occupant comfort, and contribute to energy savings and overall building value.

Keep unwanted heat outside in warmer climates and the cold outside in cooler climates. Increased thermal performance reduces HVAC loads, which can reduce equipment costs and peak usage rates.

Meet demanding performance specifications, including high wind loads, impact resistance, fire rating, air infiltration, water penetration, and thermal (0.25 U-factor) and structural performance. 

Company: EXTECH
Category: Interiors | Walls & Partitions

SecureView Clearboarding

SecureView Clearboarding covers and protects window and door openings that withstand the threat of break-ins, theft and damage to the property. Offers most effective option over plywood for securing a facility.

Clear, unbreakable polycarbonate sheeting mimics the look of a real window while keeping the building secure. Protects the facility’s assets and eliminates the need to reboard.

Also has applications for facilities in hurricane-prone regions and can provide temporary storm shielding for windows. Installation is more cost-effective than alternative options.

Company: SecureView
Category: Envelope and Structural | Windows


SKYLINE is a slim tile facade system with a reverse-polluting, self-cleaning treatment that naturally keeps surfaces uncontaminated. Reduces building maintenance costs and personnel time for facilities managers.

Near-zero porosity makes its stone slabs resistant to stains, graffiti and other harmful chemicals. Photocatalytic surfacetreatment then allows the building exterior to clean itself.

When sunlight meets the stone, the PURETi surface initiates a chemical reaction that uses the light’s energy to transform water molecules in the air into oxidizing agents that terminate air pollutants, washing away contaminants.

Company: Neolith+Pureti
Category: Envelope and Structural | Exterior Walls

Therml=Block TU24650 Series Storefront System​

The Therml=Block TU24650 Series Storefront System is engineered for use on ground floor storefront or protected lowrise applications and tall openings up to 14-feet high.

Provides high-performance thermal framing systems that address tough energy codes. Better thermal performance helps lower the load on HVAC systems and reduces associated energy costs while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

Reduces condensation to improve a building’s appearance and sanitation while minimizing damage to adjacent building materials. Offers the capability of a larger opening without the need for steel.

Company: Tubelite Inc Storefronts & Entrances
Category: Envelope and Structural | Curtainwall & Cladding 

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