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10 Money-Saving Life Safety & Security Products

May 31, 2018

Find out the top 10 money-saving life safety & security product winners featured by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for 2018.

To a facilities manager or building owner, life safety and building security are at the top of the list of important needs and there's no shortage of quality, cost-effective items listed below.

Check out these winning safety, surveilance, access control and door products that will save you money while protecting the people and assets in your building. 

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Here are the 10 life safety & security product 2018 winners:

  • ACT365
  • AlarmGard
  • Arteco Face Recognition
  • EA-BT BLUETOOTH Controller
  • EcoFlex Exit Trim
  • Evolution 180 Indoor Camera
  • Integrated Access Control & Video Management
  • Pivot3 Critical Video Surveillance Infrastructure
  • SCOT
  • Verint Evidence Center


ACT365 allows cloud-based access control and video management all from a single device with Internet capability. This means small business owners (SMBs) can change permissions, allow access and see what’s going on within their business at the touch of a screen.

The solution offers 24/7/365 protection for businesses through the software-as-a-service model that eliminates the need for SMBs to invest in and maintain a dedicated IT department or application software.

Integrators can deploy and manage the infrastructure through the cloud-based solution, resulting in continued recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and coverage.

Company: Vanderbilt Industries
Category: Security | Surveillance


AlarmGard fire door closing systems come in a standard motor operator or a tube motor operator. Connect directly into a building’s alarm system.

Test and reset multiple doors at the touch of a button, saving time and money resetting fire doors. Recommended for reliability and lowest cost of ownership.

Already equipped with an integrated release device, making it ideal for applications where there’s minimal wall space for additional devices or where the coil box is recessed into the ceiling construction.

Company: CornellCookson
Category: Fire/Life Safety

Arteco Face Recognition

Arteco Face Recognition provides a fast and scalable recognition solution with intelligent face recognition capabilities.

Leverages 2D to 3D pose correction technology and a deep neural network to manage millions of templates. Generates 25 million comparisons per second and features a 128-byte template size – more than 5 times smaller than similar software.

Its algorithms address common challenges in analytics, such as lighting, pose, occlusions, motion, crowds and expression. Identifies human subjects where the facial pixel real estate is as few as 30 pixels high.

Company: Arteco
Category: Security | Surveillance


This Bluetooth system simplifies electronic access control. Eliminates the wiring, installation, and IT support costs that go along with integrating electronic locking solutions into networked, software-based access control systems, saving time and money.

Allows the use of Bluetooth-enabled devices, e.g. smartphone or tablet, as credentials for wirelessly actuating an electronic lock.

The system features multi-level encryption, simple setup and installation. The administrator can add or delete electronic keys in real time, granting access to authorized users.

Company: Southco
Category: Security | Access Control

EcoFlex Exit Trim

This electrified exit trim can serve as an electrified exit device in stand-alone applications, in conjunction with a wall reader, or as part of an integrated access control lock.

Reduces energy consumption by up to 95% over traditional exit trims and reduces required power supplies.

A motor replaces the solenoid for quieter operation, less maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership. Provides increased flexibility with a field selectable fail-safe and fail-secure option and the ability to operate on 12V or 24V.

Category: Doors & Hardware

Evolution 180 Indoor Camera

This 180-degree panoramic camera can replace 2-3 traditional fixed cameras by achieving total situational awareness, eliminating blind spots.

Features optimized lens, optics and camera construction for wall-mount panoramic views. Users see a 12MP sensor and a 6MP dewarped panoramic image, saving bandwidth by discarding the top and bottom of the image.

Without blind spots and with no moving parts, the camera saves today’s enterprise organizations time, money and resources in investigating crimes and fixing broken sensors within the camera.

Company: Oncam Grandeye
Category: Security | Surveillance

Integrated Access Control & Video Management

This integrated video and access control software delivers commercial-grade features at a price point for the small-to-medium business market.

Eliminates the labor component and removes the cost of software and servers. Remote viewing is a quick, reliable way to verify alerts and alarms.

Monitor from a mobile device to receive push notifications and use it as your credential. View live and recorded video. Run comprehensive reports. Easy to use and install.

Company: 3xLOGIC
Category: Security | Surveillance

Pivot3 Critical Video Surveillance Infrastructure

The new version of the Pivot3 video surveillance infrastructure enhances operations and supports more cameras per node, resulting in reduced costs due to performance and density increases.

An expansion in supported video streams delivers an up to 66% improvement in video ingest rates to lower capital and operating expenses. The solution is optimized to strengthen ingest rates that support higher video retention and streamline scalability. Supports more than 500 cameras per node and more than 10,000 cameras per rack.

Aggregates storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources from multiple servers into a single unified platform.

Company: Pivot3 
Category: Security | Surveillance


Observation Tower (SCOT) is a standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient intelligence observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach instantly.

SCOT can assist with visitor management, access control and 2-way communication with visitors for about $3 per hour.

Each tower is equipped with human detection, license plate recognition and integration, 2-way communication abilities, call button functionality, and an LED screen with long-range visibility. Instantly deploys to a location, allowing flexibility and the ability to scale as needed.

Company: Robotic Assistance Devices
Category: Security | Surveillance

Verint Evidence Center

Verint Evidence Center investigative capabilities solution is designed to realize the changing risk landscape the banking and credit union market faces to mitigate fraud more efficiently and enhance the customer experience.

The solution reduces fraud investigation time up to 85% by searching for potential incidents across multiple locations and filtering on key transaction fields.

With the time of each individual fraud case reduced and quick resolutions, financial institutions can lower their investigation threshold by up to 50%. Transactions to investigate are flagged.

Company: Verint Systems
Category: Security | Surveillance

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