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Top 18 HVAC Products: Save Money in 2018

May 31, 2018

Find out the top 18 money-saving HVAC product winners featured by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for 2018.

HVAC products was the largest category of submissions and therefore have the most award winners for this year. From Heating and cooling to ventilation to indoor air quality to variable refrigerant flow, these HVAC products were developed to save you time, money and worry.

Check out the Money-Saving HVAC winning products for 2018.

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Here are the 18 HVAC product 2018 winners:

  • Accel II Venturi Valve
  • Aeroseal
  • Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handlers
  • DEC Star High-Efficiency Blower
  • Ecoflair
  • gForce Ultra
  • GTS Humidifier LX Series
  • HLR Series 1000E Rooftop Model
  • MagnaClean Commercial
  • Minicore Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • MultiSITE Communications Manager
  • PreVent System
  • Radiant Rollout Mat
  • SP-A-VG Ceiling Exhaust Bathroom Fan
  • UV-C Lamp Hour Meter
  • Wind-Free
  • YORK YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

Accel II Venturi Valve

The Accel II Venturi Valve maintains precise pressurization and ensures use of the minimum amount of airflow, allowing users to achieve energy savings and ensure safety.

Integration with facility management systems is simple and provides operating data necessary to verify environmental integrity. Valves meter airflow by combining a calibrated shaft position with a self-adjusting cone to achieve pressure independence.

Method of control delivers repeatable airflow rates, regardless of fluctuations in duct static pressure. Long, straight runs of duct aren’t required for effective operation.

Company: Phoenix Controls
Category: HVAC | Ventilation


Aeroseal is an aerosol mist that’s blown into the duct interior and works from inside the duct system to find and seal leaks, a common, energy-wasting problem in commercial buildings.

Not only eliminates the costs and disruption caused by demolition needed in traditional duct sealing, but also is 95% effective at finding and sealing all leaks.

Sealing duct leaks saves buildings 10-35 cents per CFM. Technicians can monitor the progress of sealing via computer-controlled process.

Company: Aeroseal
Category: HVAC | Ventilation


The CITY MULTI S-Series PUMY is a single-phase heat pump system designed to provide significant operational cost savings and longtime performance for building owners. ENERGY STAR qualified.

Newlydesigned heat exchanger features increased surface area leading to improved efficiency. Inverter-driven compressor and intelligent microprocessor controls provide superior comfort control.

Operates as low as 22% of total system capacity for maximum energy efficiency. Features extended operating ranges including heating operation to -13 degrees F. and cooling operation to 5 degrees F.

Company: Mitsubishi Electric HVAC
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handlers

Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handlers are constructed for serviceability and efficiency through access availability from the left- or right-hand side of the unit.

Quick release smart latches and hinged/completely removable door panels provide access to the interior of the unit. Direct-drive plenum fans offer easy maintenance because they don’t have fan bearings, sheaves, or belts.

Feature a folded-panel design with sections joined using a double tongue-and-groove joint and complex gasketing, which ensures optimal air tightness and thermal break.

Company: Bosch Thermotechnology
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

DEC Star High-Efficiency Blower

The DEC Star High-Efficiency Blower combines axial technology, blower housing, and wheel to save 15-35% of watts compared to standard blowers and traditional permanent split capacitor or electronically commutated motors.

Corresponding software – the Design Toolbox – generates multiple size blower/fan selections and combinations, which reduces time spent looking through catalogs and eliminates trial and error airflow testing to confirm the right motorized blower.

System is quiet with up to 4 dBA improvement. High-efficiency and optimized discharge flow pattern aids in reducing the full system costs for the end user.

Company: Regal
Category: HVAC | Ventilation


The Ecoflair Indirect Air Economizer is an efficient data center cooling solution that moves cooling from the data center floor to the facility exterior.

Leverages evaporative cooling, which significantly reduces the power consumed by the cooling system compared to alternate approaches. Flexible design offers greater customization based on cooling requirements and environmental or climatic conditions.

Reduces cooling operating costs by up to 60% when compared with legacy chilled water or refrigerant technologies. Less energy is required for cooling, allowing operators to increase IT load with the same electrical infrastructure.

Company: Schneider Electric
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

gForce Ultra

The gForce Ultra is a computer room air conditioner that incorporates variable speed technology. Its backward-curved plenum fans with electronically commutated motors function without shafts, external bearings, belts or pulleys.

This eliminates failure points, belt slippage and dust, making them cleaner and more reliable than traditional fans, and results in reduced maintenance and fewer premature fan and motor failures.

Instead of constantly cycling on and off, the unit smoothly ramps up and down to meet the demand, consuming only enough energy to meet that particular load.

Company: Data Aire
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

GTS Humidifier LX Series

The GTS Humidifier LX Series is a high efficiency gas-fired humidifier combined with ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions in 1 unit. Provides energy savings, installation flexibility, and environmental protection.

Condensing design provides highest efficiency of over 90%. Ultra-low NOx emissions meet increasingly stringent regulations.

Condensing technology ensures that the flue temperature stays under 140 degrees F., allowing for the use of PVC, CPVC, or polypropylene flue piping, which is less expensive and easier to work with than stainless steel. Can be vented through sidewalls, which saves on installation. 

Company: DriSteem
Category: HVAC | IAQ

HLR Series 1000E Rooftop Model

HLR 1000E Rooftop Models can save about 10-20 tons of cooling on HVAC systems, enabling first cost savings of $20,000-40,000 on HVAC equipment.

Provide average HVAC energy savings of 20-30% for the life of the product. Clean indoor air so that buildings don’t need to rely solely on outdoor air to maintain good IAQ.

In addition to molecular air cleaning, they also monitor IAQ and provide 24/7 access to air quality information using IoT technology on the enVerid Cloud.

Company: Enverid Systems
Category: HVAC | Ventilation

MagnaClean Commercial

MagnaClean Commercial reduces maintenance costs by reducing or eliminating the most common hydronic system complaints caused by iron oxide.

These problems include poor system circulation, blocked system pipes and radiators, and excessive system noise. Extends system life by removing harmful iron oxide sludge that can damage ECM pumps, plate heat exchangers, heat interface units, pumps and valves.

In cooling systems, chillers are equally vulnerable to iron oxide damage. Has no ongoing operating costs and no moving parts. Magnetic dirt filter just needs the flow of water around the magnetic core to work.

Company: ADEY
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

Minicore Energy Recovery Ventilators

Minicore Energy Recovery Ventilators exceed 50-60% total energy recovery effectiveness with 0.5% cross-contamination.

Feature a compact 16-inch chassis ideal for ceilings and small spaces and a hydroscopic resin energy recovery core with no moving parts, resulting in maintenance savings. Deliver improved IAQ and ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Span a wide range of airflow needs from 300-1,200 CFM. Smart design ensures effective transfer of heat or water vapor while selectively blocking gases, contaminants, odors and VOCs. Heat exchanger technology exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards to accommodate future regulations.

Company: Ruskin
Category: HVAC | Ventilation

MultiSITE Communications Manager

The MultiSITE Communications Manager normalizes VRF to the open Niagara platform. With MultiSITE, VRF systems can be monitored and controlled, and the data can be interpreted with actionable insights for optimal performance.

Direct integration between the LG VRF system and the building management system eliminates the relay between protocols and the potential points of failure.

Easier to manage and update, which grants flexibility in design and integration. Increased connectivity allows integrators to save time implementing the solution, translating to reduced cost of initial setup and maintenance.

Company: LG
Category: HVAC | VRF

PreVent System

The PreVent System stops airborne debris before it gets inside the HVAC fins and coil, reducing maintenance costs and labor for HVAC systems.

Saves energy costs, as equipment with dirty coils can use as much as 37% more energy than units with clean coils. Reduces coil cleaning costs ($500-6,000), labor, water usage and equipment downtime.

Delivers high-level equipment performance. Framed with a flexible vinyl binding and grommets to use with MagnaMounts mount clips. Cleans quickly and with no system downtime by brushing the polypropylene media with a broom.

Company: Permatron Corporation
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

Radiant Rollout Mat

The Radiant Rollout Mat is a pre-fabricated network of crosslinked polyethylene tubing for radiant heating and cooling. Prepackaged and pre-pressurized to speed up commissioning.

Installs about 8 times faster than conventional radiant tubing. Reduces wire ties and staples by up to 40% and manifold ports by up to 80%.

Made of PEX pipe that won’t pit, scale, or corrode, resulting in lower lifetime maintenance costs. Once installed, hydronic radiant systems can deliver energy savings of 17-53% for typical office buildings. 

Company: Uponor
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

SP-A-VG Ceiling Exhaust Bathroom Fan

The SP-A-VG Ceiling Exhaust Bathroom Fan features a direct drive Vari-Green electronically commutated motor. Nearly 250% more energy-efficient than standard Greenheck models.

Vari-Green motor automatically adjusts fan speed to maintain constant, quiet airflow up to 0.8 in. wg ESP. 3 speeds can be set for 2 different models.

A convenient flow selection switch allows the installer to select the appropriate airflow to resolve any test and balance issues. Meets ENERGY STAR requirements with increased airflow and decreased power consumption and sound.

Company: Greenheck
Category: HVAC | Ventilation

UV-C Lamp Hour Meter

The UV-C Lamp Hour Meter alerts building engineers to replace HVAC UV lamps. Delivers LED and analog signal warnings to a building management system when replacement is necessary.

By prompting timely replacement, the meter ensures that UV-C output never falls under effective levels and continues to prevent the growth of microbes on HVAC/R components, which can cut energy costs by 10-25%.

Properly functioning UV-C lamps also eliminate the need for costly manual cleanings and promote IAQ throughout the building.

Company: UV Resources
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning


Wind-Free advanced cooling provides end users with a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.

Can be configured for 2-step operation, cooling the space with the louver open until the room temperature nears set temperature. Starts automatically closing the louver and using the face of the fascia panel to gently cool the space with still air without blowing air directly onto occupants.

Boasts a wider supply air outlet opening and angle to increase air-throw across the space while in standard operating mode. 

Company: Samsung
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

YORK YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

The YORK YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller provides centrifugal chiller efficiencies as low as 0.1 kW/ton and less in off-design conditions where a typical fixed-speed chiller would use well over 0.6 kW/ton.

Can cut annual electricity consumption by an average of 35% compared to conventional fix-speed chillers. Uses advanced controls and variable-speed drive to take advantage of 99% operating hours with off-design conditions.

Compressor throttles its speed to match reduced load capacities and lift pressures. Minimizes impact on the environment by ensuring extremely low direct and indirect emissions.

Company: Johnson Controls
Category: HVAC | Heating/Air Conditioning

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