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3 Steps to a Cost Effective Energy Plan

June 7, 2011

As utilities strive to meet the changing demands of the U.S. electrical grid, more and more offer time-of-day pricing, demand-response programs, and other plans tailored to smart buildings.

They're gradually deploying a smart electrical grid that will rely on two-way communication between utilities and customers, potentially resulting in lower electric bills and fewer new power plants. But many buildings aren't ready to welcome these changes. If your smart infrastructure isn't up to snuff, follow these 3 steps to develop a cost-effective plan for preparing your building for the future.

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Samsung DVM Plus IIIThe Samsung DVM Plus III system has been developed to enhance comfort, while reducing energy consumption in commercial applications, utilizing Variable Refrigerant Flow technology to allow over 60 indoor units to be connected to a maximum of 3 Outdoor units.

The outdoor units are powered by the reliable Copeland Digital Scroll compressor.

A wide range of controlling options is available to choose from, ranging from the simple to full BMS.
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4 Ways to Protect Outdoor Water Fixtures

Outdoor water fixtures are often overlooked during security planning – ironically. Their usual out-of-the-way locations make them vulnerable to theft, tampering, and vandalism. Due to the rising price of precious metals, metal fixtures are an especially attractive target for thieves who will steal the fixtures to sell them for scrap. Read on to discover 4 ways to protect your water fixtures.
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Plastic Films for Solar Cells
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Hurricane Season Problem Prevention
The 2011 hurricane season is upon us, and it's time to ensure that your facility is prepared to weather the storm.
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Schneider Electric - Buildings Unit
Effective energy management programs help companies realize the benefits of energy efficiency with minimal risk and a large payback, yet few companies have begun one. Schneider Electric offers the tools needed to establish a measurable, verifiable energy management program that allows executives to make informed decisions about their facilities and energy use. To find out more click here and download "Reducing the Impact of Energy Costs on Business" by Schneider Electric.Click here for more information.
8 Energy Benchmarking Hurdles (and How to Get Over Them)
Don't let these common obstacles slow you down when it comes to tracking energy use - learn how to benchmark efficiently and effectively.Click here for complete article …
Facility Managers Become the Energy Maestros of Future Eco-Districts
New strategies for energy management emerge constantly as engineers, designers, and facility managers respond to limited resources, rising energy costs, and environmental impacts.
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Common Costly Plumbing Leaks Plumbing leaks can come from a variety of sources. Hidden and visible leaks can easily waste thousands of gallons of water a year – not to mention the higher utility bills and the repair costs.Click here for complete article …
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Over the next two years, maintenance-related data in BIM models will soar, giving FMs precise information to help them manage their buildings more efficiently in terms of energy consumption, waste reduction, and equipment service life.
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