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8 Commercial Interior Products: Grand Prize Winners

July 2, 2019

Check out these eight Grand Prize winners from our Product Innovations 2019 contest. These products were showcased at NeoCon 2019 and provide practical solutions to common problems facility managers and building owners face.

These 8 products stood out as Grand Prize winners. BUILDINGS editors found these products to fill a special need for building owners and facility managers. You can find the Editor’s Choice and Merit Award winners.

8 Grand Prize Winners

1. BOTANICA | Snowsound | Acoustics

BOTANICA is a leaf-shaped acoustic panel held by a chrome metal support that can be fixed with different inclinations and combined with different bearing structures.

Available in three versions: wall, ceiling-mounted and free-standing. Uses a patented sound-absorbing material that mimics the properties of fallen snow. Snowsound panels carry a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 1.0.

The panel in the single version can be anchored to the wall with the chrome-plated steel bracket. Modular frames combine lengthwise for wall installation or ceiling mounting.

The frames are fabricated in chrome-plated tubular steel, which is characterized by a 3D curvature of the tube. The frame of the ceiling-mounted version comes with adjustable cables for anchoring. The free-standing version supports the panels with a chrome-plated tubular frame that has a powder coated steel base. 

The other product featured in this video is FLAT, which received a Merit Award. View it here.

2. Deconstructed Felt | Patcraft | Flooring

Deconstructed Felt is a line of carpet tile that’s fabricated to feature textile qualities, enhancing an artful and modern craft-inspired visual.

The non-woven felted fabric is needled onto a woven primary backing that remains partially visible, creating a textured face that heightens contrast.

This process mimics an embroidered pattern to provide variation within the products. The distinctive styles address the architectural and design needs for differing scale and pattern while maintaining a cohesive look. Available in three styles (top stitch, binary and modern serge) in 12-by-48-inch tiles.

3. Blend | DFM | Furniture

Blend brings a distinct design element to a simple benching configuration.

It carries power and integrated height-adjustable column lifts while also allowing users to mount accessories.

(Erik Richmond, president, DFM)

The simplicity and openness of the furniture design defines a personal place while not overpowering the space around it. It offers a distinct destination for active work styles and a workplace that is more like home.

4. Paséa | SitOnIt Seating | Seating

Paséa delivers a flexible modular lounge collection that’s designed to support active work posture while providing an extremely comfortable sit.

Paséa allows for creation of versatile spaces with its line of soft seats, benches and ottomans configurable in any rectilinear or curvilinear configuration possible.

A durable polymer base also holds up to frequent cleaning and harsh chemicals.

All seats and benches are designed with comfort-scaled seat and back for optimal comfort for those who want to relax and those who want to work.

(Viv Yee, product marketing manager, and George Nicolaescu, director of product management, SitOnIt Seating) 

5. Connectrac Flex | Connectrac | Technology Support

Connectrac Flex enables workspaces to be as flexible and agile as today’s workforce demands. Spaces easily adapt to current needs by delivering power, data and AV connectivity where it’s needed.

(Steve Batchelder, director of sales, Connectrac)
Employees, students and visitors all expect to “plug in” wherever they are in a building. But that building space must also be agile enough to be used for more than one purpose.

Designers and building managers can put electrical receptacles in convenient spots, then remove the receptacles and put a flat cap over the wireway when the space has to be reconfigured.

6. Tatami System | Tarkett | Flooring

Tatami System supports the fluid spaces of the modern workplace. Inspired by traditional Japanese tatami, the flooring modules allow end users to reconfigure spaces as needed while softening acoustics and providing comfort underfoot.

(Terry Mowers, VP of design for North America, Tarkett)

The soft surface improves overall comfort and create an atmosphere with the coziness of home, but without the seams and utilitarian feel of traditional carpet tiles.

[This product is also featured here: Fast Flooring for Changing Spaces]

The seamless modules come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be combined and repositioned to meet any floor plan requirements.

Between reconfigurations, the sturdy connection tape holds the modules in place as one unit.

7. Klutch Mobile Device Holder | Bobrick Washroom Equipment | Technology Support

Bobrick’s new B-635 Klutch Mobile Device Holder was developed to alleviate concerns about setting electronics on wet counters and elsewhere, keeping mobile devices safe, clean and secure.

The clip gently comes to rest against the user’s mobile device after it’s inserted, keeping it in place.

(Nilo Yagana, business unit director for accessories, Bobrick Washroom Equipment)

Due to its easy installation, it is suitable for toilet compartments, common spaces and private areas where hygienic storage is desired. Its integrated bag hook holds up to 300 pounds and can accommodate multiple items, from smartphones to tablets to bags. Klutch is also ADA-compliant, requiring no grasping or twisting of the wrist to operate.

8. BuzziBracks | BuzziSpace | Walls & Partitions

BuzziBracks is a dynamic architectural system that provides facilities professionals with the ability to serve as their own architect in any given workplace.

Designed by Alain Gilles, its standalone frames, curtains, and optional accessories form zones by creating a visual and acoustic shield within large, open environments.

(Alain Gilles, designer of BuzziBracks, BuzziSpace)

Define space without boundaries and construct dynamic habitat with a choice of transparent or opaque fabrics, including noise-reducing acoustic curtains, as well as add-ons like worktops, shelving and hooks. Available in three heights with a two- or three-piece curtain set. Create an entire ecosystem of micro-environments or partition off a single communal space.

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