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Green Roof Guide for FMs

May 27, 2016

6 projects to inspire your vegetated roof retrofit.

Your green roof is a living investment. The soil and vegetation atop your facility add extra insulation, reduce the urban heat island effect, and boost your building’s aesthetic value and green credibility. Choose from a wide spectrum of vegetated roof systems to discover the greenery that best fits your region and your facility’s unique needs.

“Do your own homework,” recommends Jerry Beall, Product and Technical Specialist for FiberTite Roofing Systems, a membrane manufacturer that partners with green roof suppliers. “The biggest concern is quality, not cost, because it will cost you a lot more to fix problems down the road than what you could save on the initial investment.”

These projects across four ASHRAE climate zones show what’s possible with rooftop vegetation, from relatively hands-off systems with grasses and sedums to elaborate installations with flowers, trees and spaces for building occupants. Which one fits your location and requirements?

Living Roof Offers Retreat for Hospital Patients
ASHRAE Zone: 2
Goal: Create an insulated envelope and capture rainwater.
Outcome: Delivers an R-value of 66 and retains over 70% of rainfall.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF Jacob White Construction

Facebook’s Rooftop Forest

ASHRAE Zone: 3
Goal: Create a rooftop park with creative landscaping features and amenities.
Outcome: Lightweight geofoam used to create hills and curved landscaping. The 9-acre garden features trees, shrubs and a walking loop.


Dansko Strides toward Sustainability with 3 Green RoofsASHRAE Zone: 4Goal: Increased insulation to reduce cooling costs, rainwater management and material conservation by extending the life of the roof.Outcome: Increased insulation to reduce cooling costs, rainwater management and material conservation by extending the life of the roof.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF The Garland Company

Library Green Roof Creates a Learning Experience

ASHRAE Zone: 5
Goal: Minimize stormwater runoff and attain LEED certification.
Outcome: Hardy vegetation protects a vulnerable watershed and offers an attractive space for patrons.


Roof Retrofit Features Meadow Meeting Space

ASHRAE Zone: 5
Goal: Improve the environmental friendliness of an existing convention center and add event space.
Outcome: The 22,400-square-foot south terrace now hosts an accessible roof garden where meetings and receptions can be held.


A Hard-Working Green Roof for Higher Ed

ASHRAE Zone: 5
Goal: Create a functional green roof to satisfy local building requirements.
Outcome: A hardy, drought-tolerant roof that requires no irrigation.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF Firestone Building Products

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