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LED Lighting Satisfies Hotel Guest Experience

March 22, 2016

Uniform lighting creates an inviting atmosphere with portfolio savings projected at $1,750,000 per year.

Desired Outcome

Replace outdated fixtures to improve the guest experience and lower operating costs.


Uniform lighting creates an inviting atmosphere with portfolio savings projected at $1,750,000 per year.

When your main clientele uses your facility primarily at night, outdoor illumination can make or break a hotel guest’s experience. Hospitality lighting has a tall order to fulfill: attract visitors, reinforce branding, ensure safety and conserve energy.

Extended Stay America recently refreshed its portfolio of 629 properties, the majority of which are 20 years or older. Anecdotal research indicated outdoor lighting was insufficient, a combined shortcoming of outdated fixtures, unachievable light levels and mounting maintenance costs.

To remedy these concerns, the hotel chain upgraded 6,745 area poles and over 3,300 wall packs to LEDs. The new luminaires deliver consistent illumination and effective color rendering across the property that is inviting and secure for visitors.

Once all 629 hotels are completed, the projected energy savings are 18.5 million kWh per year, translating to a savings of $1,750,000 per year. There has already been a substantial impact on short-term maintenance costs, and Extended Stay anticipates upkeep expenses to decrease by $1.2 million per year. With a $1 billion upfront investment, the hospitality chain will see a quick return on its utility bills.

“The greatest challenge was convincing upper management to invest the monetary resources to upgrade over 600 hotels,” says David Crider, Director of Energy and Sustainability, Extended Stay America. “When this project began over three years ago, the return on investment was not certain. A significant amount of time and money was spent gathering information on fixture counts, current and desired light levels, researching technology and testing products. In the end, LEDs were the right solution to reduce lifetime costs while meeting aesthetic goals.”

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Parking Garage Secures $116,000 Annual Savings with LEDs
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