Finding Your Best Renewable Energy Strategy

March 31, 2010
March 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 3

Finding Your Best Renewable Energy Strategy

Solar, wind, ground-source heat pumps, biomass, biodiesel – there are a range of renewable and clean energy options. With pending carbon emission regulations, the reduction in climate-change impacts, available funding incentives, and long-term benefit to the bottom line, now’s the time to investigate incorporating renewable energy into your portfolio.

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    Green Power’s Future is Now
    No matter where your buildings are located, you have the opportunity to make an impact by incorporating green power into your energy mix.
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    The Surges of Green Power
    The economy giveth and the economy taketh away. Owing to slowing investment, 2009 won’t be remembered as a stellar year for the advancement of green energy. However, White House efforts to harness alternative power may make 2010 a better year.
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    Renewable Energy for Existing Buildings
    Once all efforts have been made to optimize the energy efficiency of an existing building, the renewable energy technologies described here are some of the easiest to implement.
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    Power system by MTU Onsite Energy Corp
    This generator will assume the load within 10 seconds of power loss.
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    PV5300 encapsulant sheets by DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
    Compared to other encapsulants, the PV5300 series is 100 times stiffer, 5 times stronger, and more resistant to moisture intrusion.
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    Active Solar Glass by Arch Aluminum & Glass
    This product allows any glass surface in a building to be a solar power plant.
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