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Black vs. White Roofing

Jan. 11, 2010

There's much more to selecting a roof membrane than color – but it's not a black-and-white decision. Generally white in color or with white surfacing, these membranes reduce the solar radiation collected by roofing surfaces, which lowers the roof-surface contribution to the energy used to condition air and to the local environment. (All cool roofs are included as white roofs in this article because tan and other membranes meet high reflectance/emittance requirements.) But white isn't always best.

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Sustainable School Design

Energy-efficient schools don’t just happen. They follow a plan. If you’re a school district official who doesn’t have much experience with facilities management – but you’ve been charged with that responsibility anyway – you must reach out to peers, professionals, and organizations to review lessons learned or successful case studies from other districts.

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Survey Shows Economy is Top Concern of A/E/C Industry Leaders
What a difference two years of recession makes. According to a new survey of firms in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting fields, industry leaders rate the performance of the U.S. economy as the biggest challenge they face in the coming year.
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Top 10 Green Trends for 2010
According to green building industry leader Jerry Yudelson, green building will continue to grow despite the global credit crisis and the ongoing economic recession in most countries.
Read more » Royal Gardenia Becomes the World's Largest LEED Platinum Rated Hotel
ITC's new luxury hotel in Bengaluru, the ITC Hotel Royal Gardenia, was conferred the highest rating for green buildings in the world—the LEED® India Platinum rating.
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Green Roofs: A Cool Choice
Green roofs, which include vertical landscapes, greenwalls, and rooftop gardens, are playing an important role in the development of LEED-certified buildings.
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The Black and White on Roofing
Roofing has recently become more colorful in many ways. Recently, many studies, mandates, regulations, and recommendations have been offered that speak to the virtues of white reflective, dark, and even stone-covered roof surfaces.
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Get Educated on Prototype Design
With school districts across the country outgrowing their aging or too-small educational facilities, school boards and officials are faced with a multifaceted dilemma: renovate or build new? Using a prototype design for your school district can save time and money.
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Cedar Shake Roofing by InSpire Roofing Products from The Tapco Group
InSpire Roofing Products’ new composite Cedar Shake Roofing offers a low-maintenance alternative to cedar roofing that’s resistant to rotting, warping, cracking, and bowing.
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Pilkington Profilit Hurricane Channel Glass by Technical Glass Products
Technical Glass Products (TGP) introduces Pilkington Profilit Hurricane Channel Glass to provide protection against high winds and windborne debris while allowing the natural passage of light for daylighting.
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ONYX FirstVision by Notifier
ONYX FirstVision interactive touchscreen display from Notifier helps first responders determine the origin and migration of a fire, location of emergency alerts, potential hazards, and areas of refuge within the affected areas.
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