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PVC Roofing

Dec. 9, 2009
December 2009 Issue 93

PVC Roofing

By Dick Fricklas

For the last year, attention seems to be more on cool roofing, LEED, and vegetated roofs rather than what the roofing system is made of or what it can do. Maybe because current roofing systems are all well established, so they’re no longer newsworthy? Several claims are being made as to which manufacturer has lowest carbon footprint and which products are truly recyclable.


Take a closer look at PVC roofing systems and what they have to offer …

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MBCI SSR Systems: Cool and Green

MBCI offers a choice of six separate standing seam roof systems in mechanically field-seamed or snap-together systems. Ask about our industry leading Weathertightness Warranty and Certified Installer programs. In addition to a large choice of Cool Roof colors, MBCI metal roofing systems offer many Green features for LEED compliant projects, including a content of 25 – 35 percent recycled material, and are 100 percent recyclable products reducing landfill usage.

To learn more, visit www.mbci.com.

The Remarkable Growth of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing Systems
To understand why TPO membranes are the fastest-growing segment of the membrane market, a little background is in order.
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The Rundown on Low-Slope Roofing
There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding which roofing system most completely meets the needs of a particular facility.
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Why Single-Ply?
If you have yet to experience membranes such as TPO, PVC, EPDM, or Hypalon, get ready – Buildings dishes out everything from the basics and beyond to help you better understand these non-asphalt-based systems.
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Sure-Flex PVC by Carlisle SynTec
Sure-Flex PVC offers excellent resistance to rooftop chemicals, including acids, oils, and greases.
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UltraGard PVC by Johns Manville
UltraGard® PVC roofing systems from Johns Manville result in a cleaner, quicker, more economical installation.
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Shingle-Ply by Duro-Last
Duro-Last’s Shingle-Ply roofing system has a shingle design is printed onto the membrane, and then a special polymer coating is applied to help protect the finish.
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