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5 Ways Contractors Can Keep Employees Committed to Safety

Sept. 18, 2009

Centennial Contractors Enterprise, a national leader in Job Order Contracting (JOC) who provides renovation and repair services to government agencies, building owners, and facility managers, has released a quick list of five ways to promote a safety culture in construction. The company’s safety practices have earned it an Experience Modification Rating of 0.69, putting it among the top 5 percent of companies in the country. Here is its list of ways to promote safety:

  1. Leadership. The senior management is committed to safety, and sets the example by making safety a key part of all strategic planning efforts. The contractor maintains a director of safety and an executive-level owner.
  2. Empowerment. All employees and subcontractors have the right and responsibility to stop work if they see an unsafe situation, even if it compromises timelines or budgets.
  3. Training. Safety training is required. New employees complete safety training within 30 days of being hired. Accidents can be reduced through numerous training sessions, fairs, and luncheons that include demonstrations of safety equipment, discussion sessions, and lectures on safety issues ranging from fall protection and scaffolding, to excavations and writing safety plans. All workers on the site as well as in the office attend safety training fairs.
  4. Benchmarks and Goals. Goals and objectives – such as zero accidents, no lost time, education/training, performance improvement, and attitude and commitment – are set, and both project team and subcontractor performance are tracked.
  5. Incentives. Recognition programs help to foster performance improvement and loyalty, as well as increase the quality of construction projects. Employees and subcontractors work hard to maintain a safe environment, and they are recognized for their efforts and results.

For more information about Centennial Contractors Enterprises or their safety procedures, visit www.cce-inc.com.

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