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The Importance of Existing Insulation Technology

Sept. 4, 2009
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If asked what the most exciting or important feature of a building is, few people would answer: “the insulation in the roof.” You can’t see it, and it’s certainly not one of the items highlighted (like the marble entryway or glass curtainwall) when the building is promoted; however, as three new research papers indicate, insulation is, through its consistent and persistent performance, one of the most important components in a building when it comes to reducing energy costs and reducing carbon footprints.

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Nonresidential Construction Declines as Stimulus Dollars Trickle Out to Contractors
An analysis of federal construction spending data by a leading construction economist showed downturns in multi-family construction and private and public nonresidential construction swamped a strong upswing in single-family homebuilding in July.
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OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Course Now Mandatory in 7 States
Nevada has become the seventh state to have a law requiring construction workers to complete the OSHA 10-hour construction safety training course before they can work on certain construction projects.
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BOMA Intl. Releases Preparedness Top 10 List for National Preparedness Month
BOMA Intl. has released a list of 10 proactive steps property professionals can take to ensure the safety of their tenants, staff, and buildings in an emergency or natural disaster as part of September’s National Preparedness Month.
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Insulation: EPS and XPS
With today’s design-oriented goals of sustainability and energy efficiency, the proper use of insulation is becoming more important than ever. Here are two insulation types that are popular in a variety of installations for the entire building envelope: EPS and XPS.
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Tips for Selecting Rigid Roof Insulation
Specifying an insulation system that facilitates proper roof performance is fundamental, but is only one of the factors to keep in mind when it comes to roof insulation. The best roof insulation choice meets thermal needs, energy codes, and performance requirements.
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Understanding the R- and U-Values of Insulation
A standardized insulation rating system ensures consistency, with insulating materials rated in R- and U-values. Learn how these standardized rating systems ensure consistency in energy performance.
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