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Outdoor Seating Offers Stellar Performance

July 24, 2009
The editorial staff rates American Seating’s Stellar® 220/224 chair

American Seating’s Stellar® 220/224 chair (for outdoor applications) weathers the seasons without a mark; it also provides users with exceptional comfort. Unlike the hard benches typically seen in outdoor theaters and other outdoor venues, these seats are truly comfortable – making it easier for users to focus on the action before them vs. the discomfort beneath them.

Made with marine-grade vinyl upholstery, the seats have double-sealed seams to keep the foam from getting wet. The Stellar 220/224 is made to be weather resistant; the seats are UV protected, waterproof, and durable, and the metal parts are e-coated to protect against corrosion. In addition to being extremely comfortable, this outdoor seating gets big points for flexibility and aesthetics. The entire line (which includes indoor and outdoor seating) is totally customizable. Choose from a variety of back styles, armrest choices, fabrics, and finishes to get the right look for your space.

For more information, visit www.americanseating.com.

Aesthetics While outdoor seats can default to unattractiveness, Stellar 220/224 comes in a wide array of pleasing colors for mixing and matching. The plastic outer-back panel offers an extremely slim profile – the seating doesn’t look bulky or clumsy. The chairs we tested weren’t at all faded after have faced more than a year of harsh and variable Iowa weather.

Durability The chairs seemed extremely resilient. One editor found a small puncture in the marine-grade fabric after examining several seats, but despite her attempts, the puncture couldn’t be worsened or made bigger/deeper (which is a good thing). The upholstery cleans up easily with a damp cloth. The chairs exhibited almost no damage after being installed in an outdoor theater venue through a long winter.

Comfort Stellar 220/224 gets a standing O for comfort. Honestly, these were the most comfortable outdoor theater chairs any of us had experienced. Thick foam padding on the seat and padding on the back, plus a higher, slightly curved back, made these chairs extremely comfortable – even for watching a lengthy theater performance outdoors. The Stellar 224 offers an additional 2 inch-higher back for added comfort and support.

Versatility Even in the small venue we visited, there were a variety of options displayed – several colors, optional hinged/unhinged armrests for ADA accessibility, different back heights, and ends with or without aisle lights. With all of the options, you could easily use Stellar seating in any space: theaters, lecture halls, planetariums, indoors, outdoors, etc.

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