The Facilities Manager’s Guide to NeoCon®

April 30, 2009
At NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2009, discover thousands of innovative products and resources

Keynote Presentations

Monday, June 15, 8 a.m.: How do we motivate ourselves and others to perform at a higher level? In his provocative and entertaining presentation, Daniel Pink, best-selling author of A Whole New Mind, will answer those questions by exploring the surprising science of human motivation. Drawing on startling studies and real-life examples, he’ll show that much of what we do in organizations actually crushes creativity. He’ll reveal three elements at the heart of genuine, sustainable motivation. And, he’ll explain how to create a culture that allows creatives to do their best work. Book signing follows in the Official NeoCon Bookstore. Presented by the Intl. Interior Design Association (IIDA), and sponsored by Allsteel.

Tuesday, June 16, 8 a.m.: Since she stepped back from practicing architecture to focus on writing about design, teaching, and curating, Italian-native Paola Antonelli has become a force to be reckoned with in the design world. Working at The Museum of Modern Art in New York since 1994, Antonelli is now a senior curator in the Architecture and Design department, and has worked on shows such as “Humble Masterpieces,” which celebrated traditionally unheralded design icons, such as the paperclip; “Safe,” considering issues of protection; “Workspheres,” which looks at contemporary workplace design; and “Design and the Elastic Mind,” a survey of the fertile relationship between design and science. Join Antonelli as she focuses on how designers stand between revolutions and everyday life; on how they have the ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and society; and to convert them into objects and ideas that people can understand and use. Presented by ASID, and sponsored by Paoli.

At NeoCon® World’s Trade Fair 2009, discover thousands of innovative products and resources for corporate hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, and institutional interiors from more than 1,200 showroom exhibitors. NeoCon is more than just a tradeshow – it’s your key to industry essentials, and includes a variety of show components:

  • The Buildings Show
  • GREENlife™
  • Office Expo
  • NEWHospitality
  • Architectural Stone and Ceramic Tile Exposition

On-Site Registration Hours:
June 14: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
June 15-16: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
June 17: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Wednesday, June 17, 8 a.m.:

In this lecture, Shawn Sullivan, a principal architect at Rockwell Group, will discuss the incredible power and importance of light in design. Lighting has the power to transform space, define colors and textures, reveal shapes, create narrative, and assert theatricality, among many other essential characteristics. Light has always been a central focus of Rockwell Group’s designs, which often draw inspiration from the intersection of theater and architecture. Sullivan will discuss the spectacle and theatricality of light not only in terms of Rockwell Group’s own work, but also in the context of other sources of inspiration. Whether using light to create movement, for subtle detailing, or for bold reinforcement of the architectural concept, lighting is everything. Presented by Light!, and sponsored by Tambient.

Seminars and Workshops at The Buildings Show

A variety of educational tracks during NeoCon World’s Trade Fair offers something for every professional. Of particular interest to facilities managers are the tracks featured in The Buildings Show: Facilities Construction/Renovation (FC/R) and Facilities Management (FM). All seminar sessions are 60 minutes, accredited for continuing education credits, and rated according to three skill levels: basic, intermediate, or advanced. Specifics on The Buildings Show tracks follow:

Monday, June 15

Command Existing Building Performance for LEED, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Learn the step-by-step, proven approach to understanding base building performance and finding low- or no-cost improvement strategies tailored to your particular building. Get the tools and confidence you need to evaluate an existing building and implement best practices in ongoing maintenance and operations, whether you’re pursuing LEED-EB O&M certification, a better bottom line, or both. [INT] [FC/R] Speaker: Elaine Aye, IIDA, LEED AP, principal, Green Building Services Inc., Portland, OR.

Looking Past Single-Impact Certification: What Promises Do They Really Make?, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Learn the true value of the many single-attribute environmental certifications in the marketplace today. Discover the importance of third-party certifications and life-cycle assessment for truly sustainable design. [INT] [FM] Speaker: Tim Cole, director of environmental initiatives, Forbo Flooring Systems, Hazleton, PA.

Facilitated Brainstorming: A New Architectural Programming Tool, 11 a.m.-noon. Discover the new method of architectural programming that’s more efficient and effective than the others. Learn to combine facilitation and brainstorming to produce highly detailed program information while avoiding time-consuming committees, surveys, and so on. Learn to lead great brainstorming sessions that bring out the best in every participant. [INT] [FC/R] Speaker: Michael Chambers, FAIA, FCSI, architect, MCA Specifications, Ukiah, CA.

Negotiating with Your Vendors in a Challenging Economy – Tips for Facility Professionals, 11 a.m.-noon. Learn how to reduce costs while enhancing your relationships with vendors and improving your service. Sharpen your negotiating skills and learn better techniques for avoiding pitfalls and solving problems. [INT] [FM] Speaker: Paul Friedman, principal, Friedman & Associates LLC, St. Louis, MO.

Leveraging Workplace Design to Meet Economic Challenge, 1-2 p.m. As cost control becomes an even greater priority for businesses over the next several years, companies need to learn how to restructure efficiently and dynamically. See how simply “shrinking down” within the same business paradigm won’t work. Learn how workplace design that fosters collaboration, learning, and socialization can increase employee engagement, brand equity, and profit. [INT] [FC/R] Speakers: Nila Leiserowitz, AIA, IIDA, FASID, principal, Gensler, Santa Monica, CA • Philippe Paré, AIA, associate, Gensler, Santa Monica, CA • Douglas Sitzes, associate, Gensler, Santa Monica, CA.

Building Information Modeling: Changing the Design and Construction Paradigm, 1-2 p.m. Learn about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it’s being used in architectural interiors. Real-life examples illustrate the effectiveness of BIM and how it’s changing the design process. Discover the benefits, challenges, and potential new services that this technology offers. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Lewis Goetz, FAIA, FIIDA, president and CEO, Group Goetz Architects, Washington, D.C. • Amber Kwasniewski, LEED AP, project designer, Group Goetz Architects, Washington, D.C.

Environmental Graphics – How to Brand a Space, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Facilities planners and designers can use low-cost graphics in interior and exterior spaces to create visual excitement, change a mood, or support branding efforts. Many simple-to-add design elements are overlooked or forgotten during design. See how to integrate these effective graphic treatments through real-life examples of transformed spaces. [BASIC] [FM] Speaker: Thomas Trutna, president, BIG INK Display Graphics, Eagan, MN.

The Softer Side of Making a Real Estate Decision: Consider the Employee and the Environment, 4-5 p.m. Relocation of a business can have major effects, from employee uncertainty and comfort to costs to environmental footprint. See an interesting case study in which a firm opted to stay in its centuries-old building while renovating to achieve LEED Gold certification. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Renee Fine, director of workplace strategies, DLR Group, Minneapolis, MN • Matt Johnson, AIA, LEED AP, principal and office leader, DLR Group, Minneapolis, MN • Julianne Laue, LEED AP, sustainable design leader, DLR Group, Minneapolis, MN.

Tuesday, June 16

www.future.2020: Work, Worker, Workplace of the Future – Are You Ready?, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Dive into the emerging global trends and technologies that will be impacting us by 2020. See how to interpret and dissect predictions about the work, worker, and workplace of the future. Discuss the tips and tricks for evaluating emerging trends for their probable impact. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Meredith Thatcher, CFM, IFMA, president, Carroll Thatcher Planning Group, Ottawa, ON • Tanya Irvine, CFM, senior interior designer, Carroll Thatcher Planning Group, Ottawa, ON.

A Basic Guide to Concrete and Floor Coverings: How to Prevent Problems When They Get Together, 11 a.m.-noon. Get an overview, in plain English, of how concrete-related floor covering failures occur, common misconceptions about concrete slabs, and how the latest industry standard test methods can detect problems before floors are installed. Session includes moisture issues and industry standards for concrete testing. [BASIC] [FC/R] Speaker: Christopher Capobianco, president, Christopher Collaborative Inc., Patchogue, NY.

How Benchmarking Your Facilities Data Can Help You Manage Your Facilities Better and Save Energy and Money, 11 a.m.-noon. See how companies are using cost and sustainability data from facilities to learn how to save money, manage more efficiently, and incorporate green practices. By comparing one building’s data to data from similar facilities, you can gain better practices relating to utilities, maintenance, security, and custodial operations. [INT] [FM] Speaker: Peter Kimmel, AIA, IFMA Fellow, principal, FM BENCHMARKING LLC, Bethesda, MD.

Designing to Support National Culture, 1-2 p.m. A person’s culture determines the sorts of spaces in which he can thrive. Get an overview of the ways that various national cultures experience space, including the differences and consistencies in people’s responses. Explore the techniques that make successful spaces for people of a variety of national cultures, and discuss how design practices will evolve. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Dr. Sally Augustin, environmental psychologist, Haworth Inc., Holland, MI • Dr. Janetta McCoy, associate professor, Washington State University, Intl. Design Institute, Spokane, WA.

Facilities Managers – Think Outside the Cube, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Get the facilities perspective on leading a design team to create an open, collaborative environment that encourages productivity, not “prairie-dogging.” Realize how workstations – not walls – are central to open design. Explore the idea that facilities managers can influence design and appeal to different workstyles, address facilities concerns, and lead the transition from cubicles to open plan. [BASIC-INT] [FC/R] Speakers: Sue Schmidt, CPM, IFMA, IREM, director of facilities, Healthways, Franklin, TN • Mary Inman, IIDA, principal, Studio 121, Nashville, TN • Dennis Jackson, vice president, real estate and sourcing, Healthways, Franklin, TN.

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Winners of Buildings magazine’s 14th Annual Product Innovations program will be featured in Buildings magazine’s showroom space on the 8th floor of The Merchandise Mart. The Product Innovations program honors products and services from exhibitors at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair based on how well they solve today’s facilities challenges in commercial, institutional, and industrial markets.

Evaluating Facilities Performance at PHI Holdings Inc., 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Abrupt and cataclysmic changes in the economy have motivated companies to use smarter, more innovative methods to deal with workplace change, minimize disruption to the business, and minimize real estate costs. This session will discuss a combination of strategies, and will demonstrate a “business-intelligence” approach for designers and corporate real estate facilities professionals to better understand the priorities when dealing with a major workplace transition. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Douglas Dixon, president, VIA Design + Technologies Inc., Newton, PA • Steve Simione, senior business analyst, facilities, security, and real estate, Potomac Electric & Power Co. Inc., Newark, DE.

Caution: Wet Paint! Communicating Facility Information, 4-5 p.m. Take a good look at the need for, and consequences of, effective facilities communication. Discussion covers the challenges that facility managers face, including multilingual and multigenerational workforces, illiteracy and visitors, and telecommuting employees. Review various methods of delivery for organizational communication, including the use of humor. [BASIC-INT] [FM] Speaker: Charles Carpenter, CFM, CFMJ, Texas State University, Austin, TX.

Wednesday, June 17

Smart Business Strategies for Global Facilities, 9:30-10:30 a.m. “Going Global” is now a catchphrase common in the corporate world. But, it takes a lot of work and planning to actually make it happen. Find out how components like acquisition, consolidation, and growth actually get accomplished successfully. Learn how facility and real estate professionals can use a “business-intelligence” approach to such endeavors by developing a decision support system, alternative design concept, and a coherent plan. [INT] [FM] Speakers: Douglas Dixon, president, VIA Design + Technology, Newtown, PA • James Clark, vice president head of Americas region, global facilities management, SAP America Inc., Newtown Square, PA • Lori Morrissey, facility manager and planner, SAP America Inc., Newtown Square, PA.

The New National ANSI Standard for Mold and Moisture Management in New Construction, 11 a.m.-noon. Learn the importance of preventing mold growth by incorporating various moisture-management elements in LEED-NC, CI, CS, and EB O&M. This session will communicate how architects, developers, and contractors are implementing moisture-management programs as part of their green building projects as they relate to building design, construction, operations, and maintenance. [BASIC] [FC/R] Speaker: Taylor Gonsoulin, PE, CIAQP, LEED AP, general manager, building consultant, Air Quality Sciences/Building Consulting, Marietta, GA.

Nomads in the Workplace – Supporting the Corporate Tribe, 11 a.m.-noon. Danish pharmaceutical Novo Nordisk identified a business-critical project for a team gathered from multiple geographic and organizational locations. The team came together for a finite period to accomplish a particular goal. See challenges of the team as they relate to their workplace. Follow the team’s need for dynamic spaces that combine elements of individual workspaces and conference spaces to support their agile, multidisciplinary group. [ADV] [FM] Speakers: Ted Bielicky, CFM, director of facilities, Novo Nordisk, Princeton, NJ • Mark Duckett, studio director, KlingStubbins, Philadelphia, PA • Jennifer Nye, IIDA, senior project designer, KlingStubbins, Philadelphia, PA.

Next-Generation Offices – From Near Net Zero Buildings to Community, 1-2 p.m. Learn about next-generation design of the healthy and sustainable workplace using two case studies. Compare the two LEED Gold projects, identifying key points and strategic distinctions. Learn how to create the next-generation workplace by integrating brand and functional concerns with environmental vision. [INT] [FC/R] Speaker: Stephen Frey, AIA, LEED AP, USGBC, design director, William Maclay Architects and Planners, Waitsfield, VA.

What Shade of Green is That?, 1-2 p.m. In a growing green economy, building professionals are rightly expecting documentation of environmental claims. As a result, manufacturers are now willing to invest in third-party certification. Discover the best tools, from eco-labels to Environmental Product Declarations. Understand how the science-based certifications provide clear and trustworthy information, and then see how to integrate these global best practices into green purchasing. [INT] [FM] Speaker: Deborah Dunning, president and CEO, The Green Standard, Chapel Hill, NC.

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