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Designing for the Care and Maintenance of Buildings

Nov. 19, 2007
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Door Opening Problems Solved Faster

High traffic areas. Long installation times. Constant maintenance….common situations faced by installers and service personnel every day.

The RITE Door® by Adams Rite is an integrated door system that features pre-installed components, tough low-profile operating hardware and designer looks. Factory installed hardware allows for faster installations in the field, which can mean a savings of up to $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 per door opening. Maintenance time and frequency is also reduced.

The RITE Door is built for high traffic use, but its clean sight lines and range of finishes and options allows you to install code-compliant door openings that complement any application. For more information, go to www.adamsrite.com

Top Moments
November 19, 2007

Designing for the Care and Maintenance of Buildings
When design choices are made without the maintenance point of view, the result can be a facility that is expensive (or difficult) to maintain.
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Potential Water Crisis Facing the United States
Experts say several states are facing severe water shortages.
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Managing and Developing Assets from Afar
Effectively manage projects remotely by controlling four critical areas.
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More News

Hospitals Will Increase Infection Control Efforts When Patients Demand It
Almost 1.7 million patients - four out of every 100 - will acquire an infection during a hospital stay this year as a result of the viruses and bacteria that thrive on patients' bed sheets, in the crevices of medical equipment, etc.
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Integrated Door Opening Systems: Overview, Benefits and The RITE Door®
For new or retrofit construction in commercial and institutional building environments, specifying integrated door opening systems provides a surprising number of benefits.
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Get Rid of Birds!

Bird-X, Inc. recognized as the bird control "X-perts" since 1964, offers the world's most complete line of affordable products - an effective solution for ANY bird problem.

No more droppings, mess, diseases or money wasted on expensive clean-ups. Our products are non-lethal, non-harmful, and environmentally safe, do not harm birds and ecologically sound.

We innovate and develop new technologies, and we offer (and stand behind) the very best solutions. Guaranteed solutions!
For more information, call 800-662-5021 or go to www.bird-x.com/BLD

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