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@ the Moment, September 10, 2007

Sept. 10, 2007
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DRI-STEEM XT Series Electrode Humidifiers

XT Series Humidifiers provide cost-effective humidification for commercial and large residential applications. Units are easy to maintain -- just replace the affordable plastic cylinders. Now with larger capacities and more voltages, maximum capacity increases to 200 lbs/hr per unit and increases to 400 lbs/hr for multiple staged units. Two new steam blowers allow steam distribution in open finished spaces.

For a brochure, call 800-328-4447 or visit:http://www.dristeem.com/renderfile/XT_Brochure.pdf?action=vault&id=3717

Top Moments
September 10, 2007

Fire-Sprinkler Plans That Work
Avoid common mistakes that could get your sprinkler plan rejected.
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EPA Reports Significant Energy-Efficiency Opportunities for U.S. Servers and Data Centers
A new report shows that data centers in the United States have the potential to save up to $4 billion in annual electricity costs through more energy-efficient equipment and operations.
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Illinois is the second state to require green cleaning for schools. Minnesota Public Radio gets a new headquarters. Studies analyze the affect of dampness and mold on health and the economy. And more.
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More News

Winthrop Boosting Campus Security: University Has Set Aside $100K for New Technology
Winthrop University in South Carolina is making plans for emergency response preparedness.
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5 Tips for Online Back-Up
Back-up and recovery are cornerstones for anyone building a data-protection structure.
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