2007 Buildings Census: Institutional Owners

Sept. 1, 2007
Facilities/physical plant departments responsible for the real estate of healthcare and/or educational organizations
Numbers in parenthesis refer to square feet in millions.

HCA (79)
Nashville, TN
(615) 344-9551
HCA - the No. 1 for-profit hospital operator in the United States - operates 170-plus acute-care, psychiatric, and rehabilitation hospitals (with more than 40,000 beds) totaling approximately 79 million square feet across America and abroad. The company operates in approximately 20 states, with about three-quarters of its hospitals located in the southern United States (especially in Florida and Texas). It plans to invest more than $1.5 billion per year to keep its facilities modern and technologically up to date.
Los Angeles Unified School District's Facilities Services Division (72)
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 241-4811
www.laschools.orgOver the next 5 to 10 years, this school district will be constructing 155 new schools to accommodate heavy growth in its student population (by 2012, the district's facilities will total 81-plus million square feet, a 23-percent increase in just 12 years). Its set of design principles and education code requirements are the foundation for each of these new schools. Goals of being educationally supportive (providing places to mingle and encourage collaboration), being student and teacher friendly (using sound-insulating windows and quiet mechanical systems, tackable wall surfaces, comfortable furniture, etc.), being technologically current (providing high-speed electronic communications along with high-tech security/alarm systems), being community friendly (offering public use of gyms, playfields, and libraries), being environmentally friendly (recycling, planting trees, etc.), and being energy conservative (using natural ventilation, daylighting, low-flow fixtures, etc.) ensure that these facilities will serve their users well. More than 72 million square feet of space across 14,000 buildings is maintained by this division. The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second-largest public school district in the nation with nearly 1,150 schools/centers. The district serves 700,000-plus K-12 students. Chicago Public Schools' Department of Operations (64)
Chicago, IL
(773) 553-2900
With a mission of being the premier urban school district in the country, Chicago Public Schools' operations department is responsible for more than 64 million square feet. Its recent accomplishments include the development of a system-wide blitz inspection and cleaning program, a custodial inspection program that further defines a baseline of school-building cleanliness, and $2 million in exterior beautification projects to 48 schools. As part of its mission to achieve a minimum standard of physical condition for each school through renovation, the district has recently replaced roofs on 372 buildings and windows in 347 schools. Masonry repairs have been conducted on 330 schools, and a total of 2,094 renovation projects have been completed or are under way.
Kaiser Permanente (63.1*)
Oakland, CA
(510) 217-5800
Kaiser Permanente is America's leading integrated healthcare organization. Founded in 1945, it is a non-profit health plan. 377 Office Buildings
*: 12.8 million square feet. 600 Healthcare Buildings*: 36.4 million square feet. 68 Other Commercial Buildings*: 13.9 million square feet. Dollar Volume of Spending in 2007 Devoted/Estimated Toward Facilities*: Capital, $3.2 billion; Operational, $1.8 billion. Projects in New Construction and/or Modernization (Completed in 2007)*: New Construction, 1.8 billion square feet (56 projects); Modernization, 1 billion square feet (64 projects). Projects in New Construction and/or Modernization (Completed Beyond 2007)*: New Construction, 2.8 billion square feet (61 projects); Modernization, 2.9 billion square feet (72 projects). Number of Professionals Involved Full Time in Facilities*: 2,732. Recognizing the link between the health of the environment and the health of people, Kaiser Permanente is making buildings healthier by choosing ecologically sustainable materials for 30 million square feet of new construction, preventing 70 billion pounds of air pollutants each year, eliminating the purchase and disposal of 40 tons of hazardous chemicals, saving more than $10 million per year through energy-conservation strategies, and sponsoring the California Sustainable Hospital Forum, where 400 architects, designers, and engineers learned state-of-the-art green building techniques. Health Care Property Investors Inc. (41)
Long Beach, CA
(888) 604-1990
Health Care Property Investors Inc. (HCP) owns or has stakes in more than 730 U.S. properties. It has a $9.4 billion real estate portfolio as of March 31, 2007, including healthcare properties in 44 states (331 senior housing facilities, 264 medical office buildings, 39 hospitals, 67 skilled-nursing facilities, and 29 other healthcare facilities) that total 41 million square feet. HCP is the nation's largest publicly traded real estate investment trust focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. It acquires high-quality, healthcare-related real estate in select markets throughout the United States and leases its hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities, and senior-housing properties to experienced operators on a long-term basis.
Broward County (FL) Public Schools' Facilities & Construction Management Division (35.3)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
(754) 321-1500
As the nation's sixth-largest school district, Broward County Public Schools' enrollment equals 262,616. For the 2006/2007 school year, there were 273 Broward public schools (138 elementary schools, 42 middle schools, and 32 high schools). There are also 16 adult/vocational centers and 45 charter schools. The total space occupied is more than 35.3 million square feet. The district employs approximately 39,000 permanent and part-time employees.
The Ohio State University's Facilities Operations and Development Department (32.3)
Columbus, OH
(614) 292-0257
With 860 buildings occupying 32.3 million square feet of space on its Columbus, OH, campus, the facilities team at The Ohio State University keeps busy. Recently integrating its facilities planning and development department with its physical facilities department, the facilities operations and development department is dedicated to ensuring excellence in all facility services by providing a seamless and unified support and delivery organization. The department's office of energy services and sustainability is pursuing energy management and recycling programs that seek resources and competitive prices, improve energy efficiency, provide accurate energy consumption and billing data, create accountability and incentives for individual units to reduce energy use, and encourage waste prevention, reduction, and reuse.
The University of Michigan's Plant Operations Division (29)
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 647-2059
With more than 54,000 students and about 5,600 faculty members scattered across three campuses in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, The University of Michigan's 1,225-plus employees provide serv­ices for over 29 million square feet of facilities that serve the university campuses, hospital, and health centers.
Tenet Healthcare Corp. (28)
Dallas, TX
(469) 893-2200
Tenet Healthcare owns or operates 58 general acute-care hospitals with nearly 14,996 beds. With hospitals in 12 states, the firm is organized in five regions: California, Central-Northeast, Southern States, Texas, and Florida. In addition to its hospital business, the company operates a number of specialty hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities, physician practices, outpatient centers, and other healthcare facilities. In FY06, Tenet reported 578,000 admissions and 4.3 million outpatient visits.
Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools' Department of Facilities and Transportation Services (25)
Fairfax, VA
(703) 246-6950
The facilities and transportation services department is responsible for providing preventive and corrective maintenance to all Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) buildings, grounds, and mechanical/electrical equipment. Its mission is to ensure that all students are provided instructional spaces that are clean, safe, comfortable, and conducive to efficient and effective educational activities. The department also provides project management for capital outlay and minor improvement projects, and manages the monitoring and mitigation of environmental hazards at FCPS buildings. Maintenance and repair services are provided for over 200 facilities containing over 25 million square feet and 1,700 acres of property. These facilities are home to 164,000 students.
Palm Beach County (FL) School District's Facilities Management Department (23.7)
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 357-7573
The facilities management department maintains 23.7 million square feet of space in 1,695 buildings (17.2 million square feet in educational facilities, 517,057 square feet in ancillary facilities, 2.6 million square feet in interior corridors, 2.5 million square feet in exterior covered walkways, 645,919 square feet of mechanical space, and 225,707 square feet of electrical space). The square footage spans across 4,404 acres of land. FY07 capital budget numbers include $545 million in design and construction, $64 million in site acquisition, and $53 million in maintenance. As the 11th-largest school district in the nation, the district maintains 104 elementary schools, 32 middle schools, 23 high schools, seven alternative/special schools, and 41 charter schools.
Prince George's County (MD) Public School District's Maintenance Department (20)
Upper Marlboro, MD
(301) 952-6500
Providing safe, comfortable, and nurturing environments for children and employees, Prince George's maintenance department ensures the integrity and safety of facilities, processes nearly 40,000 work orders each year, and maintains 20 million square feet of facilities. Keenly aware of its role in supporting the mission of the school board, the department expends considerable effort accomplishing minor construction projects. It also handles various environmental concerns and satisfies a host of regulatory-compliance requirements.
The Pennsylvania State University's Office of Physical Plant (19.6)
University Park, PA
(814) 863-2340
An aggressive 5-year construction plan, which includes nearly $500 million for educational facilities and almost $300 million for medical projects, will modernize The Pennsylvania State University's facilities. In addition, Penn State has been purchasing renewable energy since 2001 and currently makes use of wind energy, biomass, and hydro power. The physical plant department cares for the daily operations and maintenance of over 700 buildings. There are approximately 1,650 buildings in the Penn State system (totaling 19.6 million square feet).
The University of Texas at Austin's Facilities Services Department (18.2)
Austin, TX
(512) 471-6188
Supporting more than 18.2 million gross square feet of space, the campus community is served by 850 facilities services employees working to provide building maintenance, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, custodial services, automotive-fleet maintenance, surplus-property disposal, transportation, and landscaping services. These services are provided to a campus community comprised of 21,000 faculty and staff, and 50,000 students. Facilities services carries out its functions with an annual budget of approximately $40 million.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Physical Plant Department (17)
Madison, WI
(608) 265-5147
www2.fpm.wisc.edu/fpmThe University of Wisconsin-Madison has over 330 buildings containing more than 17 million square feet of space. Over 70 percent of these buildings are older than 25 years, and 50 percent are older than 35 years. The annual GPR funding for building maintenance is about $11 million. The University of Iowa Facilities Management (16.8*)
Iowa City, IA
(319) 335-5500
266 Educational Buildings
*: 16.8 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full Time in Facilities*: 635. The University of Iowa (UI) is being recognized in several areas, boasting awards in safety, historic preservation, sustainable roofing, etc. Continuing its emphasis on sustainable design and renewable energy, the UI (as part of its Energy Challenge) is also investing in central building control and monitoring systems, reinvesting energy rebates, making ENERGY STAR® purchases whenever possible, etc. By July 1, 2013, 15 percent of all energy (combination of purchased and self generated) consumed by the UI campus will be produced from renewable sources. The facilities management department is also partnering with the UI College of Engineering on wind and hydro projects, working with the City of Iowa City to determine the viability of capturing and burning landfill methane gas, and exploring the feasibility of utilizing additional biofuels. At present, the university's overall energy portfolio is approximately 10.96-percent renewable. The sustainable message carries across the UI campus into the classroom as well: Jerry Schnoor, a UI professor of civil/environmental engineering and chair of the Energy Conservation Advisory Council, has developed a "Sustainable System" course for undergraduate and graduate engineering students.* Indicates statistics received from company, based on Buildings' Who's Who questionnaire. In cases where information was not supplied in response to Buildings' Who's Who questionnaire, information was derived from public information: 10K reports, company websites, industry-related reports, Hoover's Online, and other published and electronic materials.

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