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Editors' Choice: Sonet Qt Offers Personal Soundmasking

March 5, 2007
The Buildings editorial staff tests the Sonet Qt and rates it on ease of use, functionality, design, and market relevance

Sonet Qt

Cambridge, MA-based Cambridge Sound Management offers a solution to many productivity-halting noises in open-office environments. Sonet Qt, the company's personal soundmasking system, is an individual speech-privacy system based on Qt Quiet Technology.™ Sonet Qt gives users control over the placement and level of soundmasking, and is small in size and easy to operate. Because the transportable system can be plugged into any wall outlet and consists of two emitters and a volume-control module, it can be installed in minutes. It's ideal for "spot treatment" in situations where one individual is distracted by voices, outside traffic, or other noises. More information on Sonet Qt is available at (www.cambridgesoundmanagement

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