Successfully Eliminate Mold

Nov. 10, 2005
Website provides instructions on a three-phase approach to remove mold and prevent its return

A special website ( has been developed to support hurricane clean-up and provide access to information regarding mold treatment and prevention. It also offers links to relief agencies, mold remediation associations/contractors, and distributors.

On its website, Foster® (a technological leader in mold- and mildew-resistant coatings) recommends that property owners/managers take a three-phase approach to remove mold and prevent its return:

1. Clean. Get rid of any water-damaged and mold-contaminated materials that cannot be salvaged, such as carpet, furniture, and wallboard. Thoroughly dry all materials to be left in place by exposing them to circulated dry air.

2. Treat. Treat all remaining non-porous surfaces with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered premixed, ready-to-use disinfectant. Clean and deodorize other porous materials to remove residual microbial contaminants. Specially formulated products containing surfactants can be more effective than bleach and water to clean surfaces, and are often safer to use.

3. Coat. Professionally apply an antimicrobial or mold-resistant coating. These coatings can help protect the surfaces from moisture intrusion and provide residual long-term protection against the re-growth of mold and mildew on their surface.

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