Maintenance a Major Concern for Condo Professionals

July 20, 2005
Survey identifies worries over durability of Florida facilities

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-based Structural Preservation Systems - a leading specialty-contracting firm focusing on the repair, protection, and strengthening of structures - conducted a survey of Florida condominium management and maintenance professionals. With more than 100 respondents to the survey, findings indicate that maintenance and the durability of condominium facilities are of primary concern.

Brian Gallagher, director of marketing for Structural Preservation Systems, stated that the number of new condominium developments is rapidly rising, which makes maintenance and upkeep of facilities crucial for remaining competitive in this market.

“In this seller’s market where property values are reaching extraordinary levels, long-term durability is even more important,” said Gallagher. “As such, concrete is being selected more than ever for these facilities because of its ability to withstand hurricane force winds and durability. However, preventive maintenance and strengthening materials are critical to slowing concrete deterioration.”

Survey topics included major factors and areas of concern with regard to the design and/or construction of new condominium facilities, as well as maintenance and repair for existing facilities; trends in design, construction, and/or renovation of condominium facilities; complaints received about the condition of condominium facilities; preventive maintenance plans and budgets; driving forces in selecting a structural system; inspection budget and habits; and maintenance dollars as related to operating budget and overall revenue. Key findings from the survey include:

  • Understanding the Respondents: 61 percent of respondents are involved in contractor selection, 53 percent are in facility management and maintenance, 50 percent hire design consultants, 40 percent handle construction management and oversight, and 36 percent serve as the hiring or supervising operator.
  • Maintaining the Facility: 65 percent of respondents stated that deteriorating concrete is their greatest concern to maintaining their structure. They also cited paint and coatings (51 percent) and safety (50 percent) as primary concerns.
  • Looking to Design and Construction Professionals: To learn about the latest construction products and techniques, respondents look to the engineer 63 percent of the time and the contractor 46 percent of the time.
  • Reputation is Key: Respondents cited reputation (91 percent) and past experience (89 percent) as the key factors when selecting a contractor.
  • Regular Inspections are the Norm: Approximately 61 percent of respondents stated that they engage in regular facility inspections once per year, while 21 percent inspect twice a year, 14 percent every other year, and 5 percent once every 5 years.
  • Maintenance Spending: 43 percent of respondents cited that the majority of their maintenance dollars go toward annual maintenance, while 33 percent go to preventive maintenance and inspection programs, and 24 percent to reactive repairs. Further, 75 percent explained that their maintenance dollars are being spent on general maintenance, 54 percent noted concrete repair, and 52 percent cited painting. Ninety-six percent of respondents said that their maintenance budgets have increased the last couple of years.
  • Information Access: 57 percent of respondents receive their latest information on construction products and techniques from trade magazines.                                         

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This article was reprinted with permission from Structural Preservation Systems - a division of the $210-million Structural Group - the largest specialty contractor focusing on structural repair and strengthening. From 18 operating centers around the United States, Structural Group businesses perform a wide range of projects involving industrial facilities, commercial properties, public infrastructure, and municipal buildings. For more information, visit (

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