Sustainable Buildings Industry Council Touts U.S. Buildings as Strategic National Resource

May 26, 2005
Build Better Buildings brochure promotes government-funded ‘whole building’ R&D

The Washington, D.C.-based Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) has just released the newest edition of its Build Better Buildings (BBB) brochure. Developed by SBIC members, the brochure hopes to inform members of Congress and others about the value of U.S. buildings as a strategic national resource. According to the organization, “With characteristics such as safety and security, acoustical quality, durability, and sustainability, high-performance buildings are an important solution to a variety of U.S. policy challenges, including energy independence, national security, improved worker health and productivity, and efficient use of natural resources."

Additionally, SBIC members hope the brochure will bring to the attention of policymakers the need to ensure that buildings research and development conducted and funded by the federal government is based on an integrated, "whole building" approach, which considers the building as a system of interrelated parts.

According to Helen English, executive director, SBIC, “We urge the federal government to help bring together this large and fragmented industry of architects, engineers, builders, contractors, product manufacturers, utilities, and others by conducting R&D that explores and improves the thoughtful integration of building components in addition to the components themselves.” Through a "whole building" approach, building performance can be improved and make certain that, as English explains, “... America’s built environment is secure, healthful, durable, sustainable, productive, functional, aesthetic, accessible, and [is as] cost effective as possible.”

The brochure is available in PDF format on the SBIC website, and can be viewed electronically by visiting (

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