Tool Designed to Identify Air-Handling System Vulnerabilities

Feb. 10, 2005
Health Department Releases Building Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Recognizing the potential for a building’s air-handling system to expose large numbers of people to biological and chemical agents, the Rhode Island (RI) Department of Health recently released a Building Vulnerability Assessment Tool. Eliminating security gaps in these systems is important, and the RI Department of Health hopes that this tool will help building owners and managers identify air-handling system vulnerabilities. Designed by experts, the tool is meant to provide knowledgeable owners with the ability to perform an assessment quickly and easily. In addition to helping prevent the health consequences of a terrorist attack, the tool can also help improve the overall quality of the air inside a facility, reduce occupants’ exposure to commonplace air contaminants, and improve the efficiency of air-handling system. “Using the Building Vulnerability Assessment Tool is a ‘triple win’ for building owners, office workers, and the general public,” says Patricia A. Nolan, MD, MPH, director of the RI Department of Health. This information was provided by the Rhode Island Department of Health. To obtain a copy of the Building Vulnerability Assessment Tool, go to the RI Department of Health website (, call (401) 222-7748, or e-mail ([email protected]).

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