Extreme Revolving Door Matting Make Over

Aug. 31, 2004
Using rectangular floor mats in front of lobby revolving doors not only has a substandard appearance, but also often doesn’t do a good job of stopping moisture and grit from attacking your marble floors. Avoid accidental slipping and reduce maintenance costs with a custom circular sized mat to fit your entrance. Entrance mats can be a solid color or logo mat with the building name in a variety of colors that match any décor. Jim Sullivan at Rightway, Inc. states that buildings spend a tremendous amount on marble and various types of stone flooring. The matting should be tailored to enhance the flooring and lobby décor, not cheapened by using incorrect matting. Rightway, Inc. offers Hercules customized mats that are laser cut to fit around the circular revolving door entrances in addition to spanning across any side doors…all in one mat with beveled rubber edges on all sides to eliminate a tripping hazard. The mats from Rightway, Inc are constructed of 52-oz solution dyed polypropylene coarse fiber. The mats can be solid color or with the building name. Choose from a palette of 48 colors. The inlay process is used. This is where the logo is cut from companion fabric and inlaid into the mat background. The logo can never wear off!Upon request Rightway, Inc. offers a free sample as part of its “Feel and Touch” service. This way you can determine if the Hercules will work for your door entrance.

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