Polyglass® Announces Product Evaluation and Approval Through the Texas Department of Insurance

Dec. 31, 2003
Fernley, Nevada – Polyglass®, the world leader in self-adhesive membranes based on ADESO Technology, is proud to announce that their modified bitumen roofing  system membranes meet the wind-resistant requirements specified by the Texas Department of Insurance in 14 coastal Texas counties. Product evaluation RC-96 states that the full line of Polyglass self-adhered, cold applied, hot mopped, or heat welded products can withstand extreme wind loads specified in these designated areas, which are susceptible to some of the most damaging wind conditions in the country. Most importantly reports such as this, help recognize and promote Self-Adhered roofing systems as viable commercial and industrial roofing systems.“This is another important approval for POLYGLASS and the advancement of the Self-Adhering market,” stated James Akins, Polyglass’ technical service manager, warranty and product evaluation in Hazelton, PA. “Polyglass’ self-adhered membranes can now be used in these areas that are vulnerable to violent weather.”Polyglass self-adhesive products have been evaluated and can withstand winds in all first tier counties that border the Gulf of Mexico. Since 1988, the Texas Department of Insurance has reviewed product test information, providing distributors, homeowners, building owners, and consumers with product capability information that is crucial while building in a catastrophe-prone area.  Two exceptional self-adhesive products, such as ADESO and Polystick, feature unique advantages in addition to their durable capabilities.  ADESO’s self-adhering properties of the built-up membranes provide the perfect alternative, when traditional adhesives or propane torch techniques are not desirable. The ADESO family of products includes Elastoflex SA, Polyflex SA, Polyall SA,  Polyram SA, and PolyKool SA roofing products. POLYGLASS SA selfadhesivemembranes with ADESO Technologymembranes are manufactured utilizing glass fiber or polyester reinforcement, with a “true” APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on the top surface and an asphaltic self-adhesive compound on the bottom surface.In addition to the ADESO family of products, the Polystick line of products consists of homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing adhesive in conjunction with APP or SBS compound. These products are non-carrier based or reinforced with glass fiber mat. Top surfaces are either high strength anti-skid film laminate or high temperature resistant fabric or specially treated granules.“Innovation and tradition have always been an integral part of Polyglass,” continued Akins.  “The TDI wind evaluation report, which highlights the products featuring impressive wind-resistant capabilities, is just one example of Polyglass’ commitment to providing the industry with durable, high-quality roofing membranes.”The Texas Department of Insurance reviews product reports for commercial and residential building materials. Texas residents in these designated areas may not be fully protected by insurance because of the strict wind pressure requirements, unless they use TDI approved products such as Polyglass’ modified bitumen roof systems.    “The Texas Department of Insurance offers a Web site, www.tdi.state.tx.us, for people specifically searching for products that can withstand extreme wind loads complaint with the TDI requirements,” stated Sam Nelson, chief engineer of the Texas Department of Insurance in Austin, TX.With the combination of these superior membranes, Polyglass not only offers a one-of-a-kind built-up roofing system,  self-adhesive technology, and a split release backing film, but with approvals such as the TDI evaluation, Polyglass products can be used in some of the country’s most disaster-prone regions.Polyglass® strives to be the Industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of self-adhesive roofing membranes with ADESO, APP, and SBS self-adhesive lines of products.  Based on dual compound technology, they are widely used in commercial and residential applications. Polyglass® operates two manufacturing facilities in the United States in addition to operations in Italy and Great Britain. For more information, please visit www.polyglass.com.

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