Carrier's Airstream Fan Coil Family Offers More Choice, More Control, and More Comfort

Nov. 1, 2003
The owners and operators of hotels, hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings no longer need to try to balance providing a comfortable environment with minimizing their investment, energy use and operating costs. Carrier’s family of AirStream™ 42 Series Fan Coils, with Carrier low-voltage controls, offers a heating and cooling solution that supplies the best of both worlds.  To meet a wide range of application needs, the AirStream family offers a broad selection of horizontal, vertical, stack, ducted, or belt-drive fan coil models, with capacities from 200 to 4,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). All standard AirStream units are UL-certified and Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)-approved where applicable.The AirStream Fan Coils themselves are designed for simple, fast installations, with factory-installed, low voltage controls that simplify on-site wiring. Pre-piped, pre-wired motorized valve packages also lessen wasted time.  According to AirStream Product Manager Adam Meddaugh, building owners and operators can gain powerful control over efficiency and comfort by teaming the 42 Series fan coils with either Carrier’s communicating Zone Controller or non-communicating Debonair™ thermostats.  “These low-voltage digital controls open up a world of options that allow fan coil operation to be adjusted based on occupancy and actual cooling or heating requirements – all while decreasing energy usage and operating costs in the process,” Meddaugh said.  To optimize efficiency, both Debonair and Zone Controller utilize SmartFan™ to regulate AirStream’s three-speed fan. The SmartFan control automatically matchs fan speed to actual cooling or heating requirements, adjusting the fan to run at the lowest setting capable of maintaining the room setpoint. SmartFan optimizes occupant comfort by regulating temperatures more effectively, reducing fan noise, and improving dehumidification. 

Debonair ThermostatsLow-cost Debonair non-communicating thermostats can provide efficiency and simplicity across the AirStream 42 Series Fan Coil family. Both the programmable and non-programmable versions of Debonair provide powerful, economical alternatives to expensive networked controls and motion sensors. In applications, like hotels, where it’s impossible to predict occupancy – and the risk of wasting energy heating or cooling unoccupied space is high – the non-programmable Debonair’s Smarttemp feature provides an “unoccupied” setback control capability. For example, with one possible configuration, when a guest enters a room and simply turns on the lights, Debonair’s “occupied” mode is initiated overriding an internal time clock and delivering complete comfort control.  “For applications with predictable occupancy periods, like schools, the seven-day programmable Debonair allows up to four time and temperature settings in each 24-hour period,” Meddaugh said.All Debonair thermostats include: a large, easy-to-read ThermoGlow® back-lit liquid crystal display; single or dual setpoints; a choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius display; a configurable system selection for virtually any application; NeverLost™ memory that stores setpoints and schedules indefinitely without battery backup; and a tamper-proof ExactFit® locking cover. Other Debonair options include wireless thermostats, as well as remote and light-activated sensors that change the system to pre-set, non-occupancy levels when lights are turned off for the day.Zone ControllerAirStream 42 Series Fan Coils reach their full money-saving potential when operated with a communicating Fan Coil Zone Controller, as part of a Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). CCN is a fully integrated control system that reduces costs by identifying and meeting each zone’s temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements. At its heart, the Fan Coil Zone Controller allows occupancy schedules, heating and cooling setpoints and holiday schedules to be easily programmed to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.  “It also saves energy by cycling the fan on and off as needed when the space is empty, operating the fan continuously only during occupied periods,” Meddaugh said.Standard features on the Zone Controller include the ability to operate the system based on local or global occupancy schedules or remote time clock input status; diagnostic test capability; changeover via surface-mounted sensor or global forcible signal; Smart Start warm-up or cool down to achieve set point by the scheduled occupancy time; and alarm status for dirty filters, condensate overflow, and space temperature deviations.  Optional humidity sensors give the Fan Coil Zone Controller the ability to maintain space temperature and maximum humidity level. It can also be combined with optional CO2 or condensate overflow sensors, as well as combined with Carrier linkage thermostats to operate up to eight separate fan coils in a single zone.Always a Perfect FitThe breadth of Carrier’s AirStream 42 Series family of fan coils offers incredible application flexibility. Based on building system requirements, AirStream offers five different fan coil models – horizontal, vertical, stack, ducted, or belt-drive – with 22 different configurations to choose from.42C Horizontal Units Designed to meet the varied requirements of concealed or exposed applications, five different 42C fan coil models (200 to 1,200 CFM) offer tremendous flexibility as either furred-in ceiling configurations or under ceiling cabinet mounts. With no expensive ductwork necessary, these units offer fast, low-cost installation; their low silhouette minimizes space requirements and adds versatility.  42V Vertical Units All six 42V fan coil models (200 to 1,200 CFM) feature a slim profile that is ideal for concealed or exposed applications. Furred-in under window units and cabinet models units offer front or top discharge. “Low-boy” under window models save additional space. A slope-top model prevents items from being placed on top of the unit. Out-of-the-way, furred-in, wall-mount units are also available. Each unit comes with a tamper-proof lock.42S Stack Units These stackable units are often used within vertical columns rising floor-to-floor for extraordinary system design in hotels and multi-story buildings. Four 42S fan coil models (300 to 1,200 CFM) include furred-in stack, exposed stack, as well as a back-to-back furred-in model that serves two rooms. These units reduce installed costs by 10 to 20 percent compared to other systems and require only one field power connection and a simple riser connection. On the furred-in models, only the supply air grille, return air access panel, and room thermostat are visible.42D Ducted Units Available in horizontal or vertical configurations, five 42D fan coil models (600 to 2,000 CFM) are designed for ducted-high static applications – ideal for multi-room heating and cooling in hotels, offices, and apartments. Furred-in ceiling, under-ceiling or closet-mounted units are available. These units offer a simple, low-cost installation with quiet, efficient operation and dependable performance.42BH Belt Drive Units

The 42BH fan coil combines comfortable, year-round air conditioning with central station operation. Two models (800 to 4,000 CFM) offer a choice of a unit with or without electric heat. A wide choice of options ensures the right unit for the job, including motors from ¼ to three-horse power to best fit load requirements and lower operating costs and factory-balanced fans to lessen vibration and noise. Each unit’s full coverage, stain-less steel condensate pan helps building owners maintain indoor air quality.Fan Coil Builder™ SoftwareCarrier’s latest configuration software, Fan Coil Builder, makes it easier to choose the fan coil that is the best fit for each space and application. Carrier representatives can specify the exact unit to fit each application quickly and easily. Fan Coil Builder provides building owners and managers with a clear, comprehensive description of the units ordered, along with performance data, specifications and detail drawings. The software ensures that the AirStream units received are a perfect fit, eliminating the need for expensive field modifications and unnecessary delays.About CarrierFor more information on Carrier, visit the company’s web site:; e-mail [email protected]; or call 1-800-CARRIER.Celebrating 100 years of innovation and the invention of modern air conditioning by its founder, Willis Haviland Carrier, Carrier Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), provider of a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

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