Nothin’ but Net: FM Guide to the Internet

Oct. 30, 2003
Your Internet Play-by-Play
In today’s league of online information, it’s easy to get defeated and lose sight of the goal: to find essential data quickly and easily. Helping coach you through your quest to stay focused, Buildings recently conducted an informal survey to find out which websites building owners, developers, and facilities management professionals are using to make their jobs a little less complicated.Almost half of the respondents indicated their most important online activity is conducting general research on a variety of job-related topics. The next most important task? Searching for industry news. And with the average Buildings reader spending only 6.7 professional hours online each week, there isn’t time to waste by just sitting on the bench.Compiled on these pages is a list of sites our respondents visit frequently to gain a competitive advantage on day-to-day information, industry reports, and important events. We’ve also thrown in a few more sites we thought were worth checking out. You’ve probably visited a few of them before, but some are bound to be new. Use this customized playbook to develop your own personal game plan for tackling information online. Keep it close by – you never know when you’ll need an “assist.”Associations/Professional DevelopmentBuilding Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International
This source offers data on office building development, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local/national building codes, legislation, occupancy, and more. BOMA is focused on representing the interests of the commercial real estate industry via leadership and advocacy. Gain exclusive access to research, guidebooks, conventions, and seminars on this site.[Asset Manager, Building Management Firm: “This is a great tool for various building issues in our community.”]International Facility Management Association (IFMA)( a direct connection to your professional world via trends, research, job referral services, educational opportunities, and management strategies that are available to IFMA members. Help create a greater knowledge and appreciation of the facilities management field; log on and read about IFMA’s goal of growing the FM industry.[Facility Director, Educational Facility: “I visit for the latest in-field information.”]Tradeline Inc.( resources for facilities planning are all available here, including industry profiles/reports, benchmarking data, an extensive project database, cost planners, and a “contact the experts” section. Unique conferences are also offered through Tradeline; participants learn the latest management concepts and can build on the lessons and experiences of others. Pros and cons of different practices, products, processes, and policies are also discussed.[Vice President, Healthcare Facility: “Tradeline has detailed information on comparable construction projects, contact points, firms involved, pricing, etc.”]For more listings, select a category from the sidebar at right.

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