A Day in the Life of Frank Arcuri

Oct. 30, 2003
A Good Fella
The motto greeting visitors of the York, PA-based York Jewish Community Center is, “Everyone Is Welcome.” Part of why that motto is possible is because of the community center’s facility manager, Frank Arcuri, a dedicated and supportive team player. By empowering his facilities staff, Arcuri is able to keep his facility at its best.From six-week-old infants to senior citizens, the community center has been serving its neighbors for 93 years. The center provides a full gambit of services, including childcare, education, fitness, and cultural events. The facility also hosts weddings, bar mitzvahs, and bah mitzvahs. “I am responsible for everything inside, outside, and on top of the building,” says Arcuri.For six years, Arcuri has been managing the 75,000-square-foot facility and its surrounding nine-acre campus. And what he enjoys most about his current position is the variety. A trained electrician, Arcuri worked in facilities management for the hotel industry for 12 years.Everyday, Arcuri uses his extensive experience in mechanical contracting to prioritize work orders, monitor environmental systems, purchase building products, and oversee projects. He encourages his staff of 12 full- and part-time employees to be problem-solvers and to work as a team. “I give my staff respect, I believe their job matters, and I want them to be part of the solution,” explains Arcuri.Valuing his employees has proven to be one of his organization’s strongest assets. Arcuri also strongly values preventive maintenance, and his team constantly checks for minor repairs before they become major breakdowns. “Look for the things that can cause you problems before they jump up and bite you,” says Arcuri.“Usually a toy or two gets broken each day, so we have become a kind of toy repair shop, too,” notes Arcuri. His staff is always willing to go above and beyond their duties to support the center’s visitors, including responding to medical emergencies, escorting the elderly to the parking lot, or occasionally reading a book before naptime at the daycare center.A walking resource manual, Arcuri has built a good rapport with all of the local major contractors, and notes, “I know the best places to get the best pricing, the most reputable contractors, and the best materials.” He encourages other non-profit organizations to utilize their local vocational and technical schools or National Guard as a resource. “I am always trying to find innovative ways for non-profits to get win-win results,” he says.The York Jewish Community Center hopes to expand. Regardless of any changes the future may bring, Arcuri will be there to help the organization fulfill its mission to promote diversity and acceptance for all people.Regina Raiford Babcock (regina.raifordbabcock@buildings.com) is senior editor at Buildings magazine.

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