How to Market to the User Via E-Mail Newsletters

May 15, 2003
Three things you must do right.

1. The offer. B2B email recipients were inundated last year with offers for free white papers and Webinars. Do you have to come up with something completely new for 2002? No, but your white paper or free guide better be pretty darn informative. Remember, it's about your buyers, not you.

2. Landing pages. Without a successful landing page, your email campaign is going to flop. The Web page your readers click to does the heavy lifting. Use concise yet friendly copy to request the basics, usually no more than name, title, company, phone number, and email address. Then make it easy and fast to download the offer. Ideally, it's a sequence of quid pro quo pages. You politely ask for contact information to collect a lead. In return, your reader gets the opportunity to specify how she wants to continue a conversation with you (by e-newsletter, phone, postal mail, etc.).

3. Measuring success. It's not about click-throughs, although it's nice to boast of a double-digit percentage. Ultimately, it's not about conversion (i.e., those who clicked through to the landing page, filled out your form, then downloaded your white paper). It's about sales. B2B email marketing is a long-term game. The medium is fluid and fast. But the decision-making that goes into the purchase of high-end products or services is often very, very slow.

Tools we offer to help your success.

1. Online surveying. Market research has been largely ignored as one of the most powerful email marketing applications. Consider including a link to an online survey in your message. Offer an incentive to get readers to click through, and make the survey itself easy and quick. You can find out all kinds of stuff if you ask the right questions. We have the tools and we can conduct your online survey for you. Ask us for a quote.

2. Email sponsorship advertising. This is the sweet spot of email marketing. It means buying a text ad in one of our e-newsletters. Keep your message in front of interested readers to achieve top of mind awareness for your product. We can help you reach a large diversified audience or help you target your interest to specific subjects. Here are the email newsletters we publish.

a. @ the moment - weekly - Recap of news and articles featured on - 27,000 subscribers.

b. Roofing News - monthly - Insight into how the building roof impacts the buildings owner/facility manager - 24,000 subscribers.

c. Greener Facilities - monthly - Helping you understand green. - 25,000 subscribers.

We have the audience and the right products to help you succeed with your email newsletter marketing. We deliver over 140,000 high quality email newsletters a month to professional building owners and facility managers.

It's time to get started. Contact us so we can review your needs and present the Marketing Package that suits your needs best.


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