Ditek's New SNAP LiTE™ 66-block Surge Protector Allows Troubleshooting

April 22, 2003
Easy-to-see LED indicator and quick snap-in installation makes this single-pair surge protector uniquely simple to service. In response to today's increasing reliance on telecommunications and the devastating consequences of interrupted service in commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings, DITEK Corp., a manufacturer of quality surge protection products for demanding environments, announces its new SNAP LiTE: a quick-connect surge protector for 66-block multiple-line systems. The simple, yet groundbreaking incorporation of a clearly visible LED light on the face of the unit allows trouble-shooting at a glance, as the light only goes out if the surge protector has blown. Its economical single-pair configuration and availability in five service voltages (30-130V) enables the SNAP LiTE to address a variety of telecom, voice data, and twisted-pair video applications on the same 66-block-drastically cutting maintenance time and costs while protecting phone equipment.Designed as a central point to terminate telephone lines and similar equipment, 66-blocks remain ever susceptible to electrical surges that can be devastatingly costly to vital communication systems. Until now, facility engineers and electrical contractors had to contend with pico fuses and bridge clips that gave little or no indication as to their status. If a phone line went down, a technician would have to use a butt set with special probes to test if the protector was working or not. However, with the diagnostic LED on the SNAP LiTE surge protector, a building or plant manager can avoid a nuisance call simply by noting if the light is on or off.  If the light is off, that means the protector has done its job of protecting expensive telecom equipment.  "The SNAP LiTE can withstand thousands of small 'hits', but when it has finally self-sacrificed, you just pop it off, stick another one on, and you're back in business," says Dave Dinsmore, strategic market development manager at DITEK. "For a facility manager that has somebody handling their phone room equipment, it's a no-brainer to take care of. You can't even install it backwards or upside down; there's only one way it can go onto a 66-block. It clamps right over the pins themselves; no tools are necessary." Each SNAP LiTE model features sneak current protection and guards against both over-amperage and over-voltage conditions. Able to survive thousands of small surges, the SNAP LiTE allows a continuous current of 150 mA (Max), and gives protection modes of tip to ground and ring to ground. All SNAP LiTEs measure a diminutive 3.25" x 1.60" x 0.38" and weigh only 14 grams.    "In real-world telephone operations, there are going to be situations where you will need a variety of different clamping voltages on the same block," notes Dinsmore. "So this gives you the ability to custom tailor each pair. The SNAP LiTE is smaller than an audio cassette, so you can easily fit one over each of the 25 pairs on a single block without taking up extra space on the phone room back board."  The singular-pair configuration of the SNAP LiTE accounts for the lowest per-pair cost in the industry.    "There's a lot of small commercial operations where they have a 66-block, but they only have six lines or less coming in, for example," observes Dinsmore. "You really don't need a 12-pair or 25-pair surge protector to protect just six lines. By using SNAP LiTEs, you only use as many as you need, so money is saved up front."   "Having reliable telecom service is a must for my tenants," says Marios Savvides, owner/developer of several mixed-use projects in Santa Monica, CA, including The Breeze, a 56-unit apartment building with some commercial spaces. "A product like the SNAP LiTE means that I can provide optimum protection at a reduced price, with less service calls and reduced maintenance expenses. I don't see why any other owner wouldn't want to start using these immediately."  SNAP LiTE 66-block surge protectors are immediately available at a MSRP of $22.40. Each is accompanied by a lifetime replacement warranty. DITEK products are made in the USA, and parts are inspected at every stage of component assembly. Final testing on every product built further accounts for top quality and UL497 approval.  For more information about the SNAP LiTE and other surge protection products for high-power electrical panels, low-voltage data lines, and life-safety equipment, contact DITEK Corporation at One Ditek Center, Largo, Florida 33771, (800) 753-2345; fax (727) 812-5001, or visit www.ditekcorp.com.

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