New Application Video and CD Rom "SelfADHESIVE Waterproofing Membranes" from Polyglass®

March 14, 2003
Actual roofing installation using Adeso products on a commercial flat roof.
Fernley, NV - Polyglass®, a worldwide leader in modified commercial roofing products and acknowledged leader of self adhered membrane technology, is proud to introduce a new application video, entitled "SelfADHESIVE Waterproofing Membranes" available on CD-Rom and VHS.

This ten-minute video features an actual roofing installation using Adeso products on a commercial flat roof. Adeso products combine the best of fiberglass and polyester mat technologies in conjunction with the best of SBS and APP technologies to create a self-adhered membrane that is revolutionizing the built-up roofing market.
The video demonstrates, with live footage, this unique built-up system that features self-adhering technology, The ADESO SAV and SAP Self-adhesive membranes are tough when laid and shrink free. Due to Polyglass' U.S. patent pending unique lapping system called SealLap and U.S. patented granule-free system called FastLap, membranes fit tightly and bond instantaneously to each other. The system is safe, easy to install, and environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for mops, torches, and open flames. "Adeso is a self-contained application," agreed Zanchetta. "Contractors do not need mops, torch or adhesives, the ADESO Self-Adhering system provides extreme ease in application. The self-adhering properties provide the perfect alternative when traditional adhesives or propane torch techniques are not desired. This video is an excellent tool for roofing contractors."

Polyglass operates worldwide with headquarters in Italy and operations in Central and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania and has two manufacturing plants in the United States. Polyglass Adds Value worldwide.

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