A Perfect Fit

Oct. 1, 2002
The principles of ergonomics really hit home with me. By the time this issue of Buildings and BI arrives, I will be newly wed. Along with the flurry of wedding plans, I have been adapting to a new home. Did I mention my new house was designed for someone at the opposite end of the height spectrum? As a 5-foot, 2-inch woman living in a house outfitted for a 6-foot, 5-inch man, I have contended with chairs where my feet dangle above the floor, too high kitchen cabinets, and bathroom mirrors where I can only see the top of my forehead.
Trust me, space matters. From lighting to temperature, from furniture to flooring, interior choices affect the performance, health, and attitude of the end-users. Increasingly, facilities professionals are giving greater consideration to the physical space and recognizing the importance of a safe and effective workplace.

This month, BI focuses on defining ergonomics and covering OSHA’s most recent attempts to create healthy workplaces and prevent employees’ injuries. We have also gone a step further and explored what it takes to make a facility not merely safe and functional but high performing.

In my own home, we strived to make a comfortable space that fits us both. I hope BI will help you make your own transformation.


– Regina Raiford, Senior Editor ([email protected])

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