MPS Announces New Scheduling and Resource Management Membership On

June 18, 2002
Real-time Scheduling and Resource Management Capability Introduced At A/E/C Systems 2002
ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 3, 2002) – Meridian Project Systems (MPS), a leading provider of project management solutions, today commemorated the two-year anniversary of ProjectTalk with the release of a new scheduling membership.  In addition to project management and collaboration, ProjectTalk users can now manage project schedules and resources.  ProjectTalk is a full-featured project management, collaboration, scheduling and resource management tool to which users subscribe and access via the Internet.With ProjectTalk, distributed project teams can now easily collaborate on project schedules and tasks and efficiently manage resources, budgets and other project data in real time online.  ProjectTalk’s scheduling membership also allows users to exchange schedules and project data with users of other desktop applications like Microsoft® Project, Primavera’s P3® and SureTrak Project Manager® to enhance their web capabilities and provide more robust enterprise-level project and resource management.MPS’ ProjectTalk made headlines when it debuted two years ago as the AEC industry’s first comprehensive project management ASP (application service provider) that allows users to access their project information via the Internet, without installed software.  Designed for the AEC industry, ProjectTalk’s new scheduling membership is the only application of its kind that allows users to manage multiple project schedules in one location.  “Managing schedules and resources using traditional desktop software tools can be awkward and labor-intensive when multiple people need to view and contribute information. Typically, project team members resort to purchasing expensive software so each team member can share copies of the schedule via e-mail,” said Al Marshall, vice president of sales and marketing at MPS.  “ProjectTalk makes scheduling and resource management universally available online, meaning that every team member can view and contribute to the project, resulting in faster and more accurate communication and planning.  ProjectTalk is also less expensive; users only need a standard browser.”Marshall went on to explain that ProjectTalk utilizes the concept of a master schedule that can only be changed if the project manager accepts others’ changes.  “Team members can alter the schedule, but only certain managers can incorporate the changes to the master schedule.”

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