Jan. 24, 2002
Partnership with Biocentric Solutions Inc. Spawns Access Control Solution That Integrates Biometric & Smart Card Technologies
Rochester, New York, January XX, 2002— Lenel Systems International today announced that it has expanded its OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management Solutions™ portfolio by enhancing its integrated biometric/smart card offerings. Through a co-marketing agreement with Biocentric Solutions Inc., Lenel has introduced OnGuard Biocentric, the first facility access control application for smart cards. (See related press release: Lenel Integrates Smart Card Technology & Biometric Template Management into its OnGuard Solution, 10/1/01)"OnGuard Biocentric represents a true partnership between two companies—Lenel and Biocentric Solutions, and two technologies—system integration and biometrics,” said Thomas Yager, Technical Sales Engineer for Biocentric Solutions. “Both companies are dedicated to meeting customer needs with innovative technology solutions.  With the integration of our CombiSmart® and GuardDog fingerprint biometric readers, greater security can be provided to meet first time requirements or upgrade installed systems. OnGuard Biocentric delivers a greater level of scalable security than other commercially available systems.  The OnGuard Biocentric solution provides an undisputable source for knowing who is in the corporate, government or healthcare enterprise,” Mr. Yager added.OnGuard Biocentric is a fully integrated solution that stores within a smart card biometric data unique to that cardholder. When facility access is desired, the cardholder applies his or her fingerprint to the reader, and the fingerprint is verified in real time against the biometric data stored in the smart card. If there is a match, access is granted based on the cardholder’s permission levels.“The most secure form of access control makes access decisions based on a combination of three things: something you have (in this case, a photo ID), something you know (an access pin code or password) and something you are (your unique biometric information),” notes Robert Pethick, Product Marketing Manager for Lenel Systems International Inc. “With OnGuard Biocentric, each cardholder carries encrypted positive identification in a single card solution.”“The events of September 11 have heightened the visibility of airport and passenger security. OnGuard Biocentric is ideally positioned to respond to this need,” noted Cathy Schaub, Vice President of Marketing for Biocentric Solutions. “Government requirements include background checks on airport employees and staff.  Biometric readers will uphold this security requirement by providing a means to document and validate that these are, in fact, the screened employees having access,” she added.The OnGuard Biocentric solution offers unique advantages over other security management systems that utilize biometric technology. One key distinction is OnGuard Biocentric’s multilevel redundancy. Because biometric data is stored on the token (smart card) as well as in the system controllers and the OnGuard database, access control decisions can be made even if the fingerprint biometric reader is offline.Because OnGuard Biocentric is a seamlessly integrated component of a total security management solution, the customer has one system to administer, one user interface, one cardholder enrollment process and one database to manage for all functions. In information security applications, a cardholder can use one smart card for both logon authentication and facility access control. OnGuard Biocentric conforms to the ISO 7816-4 smart card standard and the Windows 2000 file structure.In the area of data encryption, each OnGuard Biocentric customer site can define a unique Wiegand format for data communication to and from the fingerprint biometric readers.  Furthermore, the software employs unique authentication keys to allow only specific cards to be used on the specific readers configured for that customer site.About Lenel Systems International
Lenel Systems International, headquartered in Rochester, New York, is the world’s leading provider of security software solutions for global enterprises in technology, transportation, finance, petrochemicals, communication, pharmaceuticals, government, education and manufacturing. With more than 4,000 systems implemented in 50 countries, Lenel's OnGuard® Total Security Knowledge Management Solutions™ have become the preferred choice for such security-conscious organizations as Cisco Systems, LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark Airports, Microsoft  and the United States Navy. OnGuard’s scalable and customizable open-architecture systems enable both remote (Internet) and on-site management of data security, premises security, ID management, alarm monitoring, physical asset management and digital surveillance video.  More information about Lenel and its products can be found on its corporate website at
http://www.lenel.com.About Biocentric Solutions
Biocentric Solutions Inc. designs, develops and implements biometric based hardware and software solutions for the corporate, law enforcement, healthcare and governmental markets.  Headquartered in Madison, WI, with locations in the United States and South Africa, Biocentric Solutions is a Vennworks partner company.  For further information, visit the company on the web at

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