Easily Measure Indoor Ventilation Rates & Air Quality

Aug. 9, 2001

Santa Barbara, CA - August 9, 2001 - Telaire has just released a new version of its popular hand held CO2 monitor (model 7001vr) that now can calculate and directly display the cubic-feet-per-minute (cfm) of outdoor air provided on a per-person basis occurring within a space. This cfm per-person value is used in most codes and standards to define required ventilation rates. This new feature will allow contractors, building owners or occupants to quickly determine if a space is over or under ventilated according to recommended codes and standards.

"CO2 is considered a good indication of the amount of outside air being provided to a space to dilute indoor contaminants" said Mike Schell, Director of Marketing for Telaire "This type of ventilation measurement now built-into the Telaire 7001vr is based on measuring the difference between inside and outside concentrations and is a procedure recognized by ASHRAE (American Society Of Heating Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers) and ASTM (American Society For Testing Methods) ".

The user first measures outside concentrations and presses a button on the sensor. When inside concentrations are measured the cfm-per person ventilation rate is automatically calculated and displayed on the sensor. For best results the measurement should be made 2-3 hours after initial occupancy has occurred to allow the CO2 levels to stabilize. According to Schell " The 7001vr was originally developed as a tool to help assess the energy saving potential for controlling ventilation based on occupancy using demand controlled ventilation, but this new feature expands the usefulness of the 7001vr to anybody who wants to better understand ventilation rates within their building".

The Telaire 7001vr can be ordered directly from Telaire's web site at www.telaire.com or from a Telaire distributor. Telaire also offers it's CO2View™ software that allows the sensor to log and graph concentrations directly to a PC. Also available is a tiny data logger with graphing software that records temperature, humidity and CO2 that fastens to the back of the hand held monitor.

Telaire, based in Santa Barbara CA, produces infrared gas sensors utilizing its patented breakthroughs in low-cost manufacturing. Sensors previously used only in high-end medical and scientific applications can now be applied to everyday tasks using Telaire technology. Telaire is a unit of Edwards Systems Technology a world leader in fire detection and life safety systems. Edwards is an operating unit of SPX Corporation (NYSE:SPW).

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