Acoustical Solutions


This Sustainable Acoustic Wallcovering Achieves Maximum Sound Absorption with Layers

This sustainable wallcovering achieves maximum sound absorption with a layering technique.
Walls & Partitions

Create Stunning Spaces with Acoustic Balance with These Panels and Screens

Create stunning spaces that are acoustically balanced with these seven panels and screens.
Acoustical Solutions

These Compact Acoustic Panels Fit into a Standard T-Grid Ceiling

These compact acoustic panels fit into a standard T-grid ceiling.

This Sound-Absorbing Luminaire Is Ideal for Lobbies, Open Work Areas and More

This sound-absorbing luminaire has a soft, rounded design that can stand alone or become part of a cluster.
Acoustical Solutions

Address Sound Absorption on Curved Surfaces with This Acoustic Panel Solution

Address sound absorption on curved surfaces with this acoustic panel solution.