Building Automation & IOT

Tekmar Ba Cnet Snow Ice Sensor Inerface 681
Building Automation & IOT

BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681

This smart sensor automatically detects snow and ice, then interfaces with the building automation system via BACnet MS/TP to automate the start, stop and slab temperature operation...
Building Automation & IOT

SunStat ConnectPlus

SunTouch has launched the SunStat ConnectPlus thermostat. The new connected thermostat allows users to remotely access and control a floor warming system using voice control with...
Building Automation & IOT

radiant Wave Switch

The radiant Wave Switch is ideal for high-traffic workplace, healthcare, hospitality and retail. Users can turn lights on or off with the wave of a hand for a germ- and worry-...
Building Automation & IOT

T1000 Smart Thermostat

The T1000 Smart Thermostat is a direct replacement for many 24VAC thermostats. The wireless, networked model enables remote visualization and local control of conventional (forced...
Building Automation & IOT

SiteLine Building Controls

Daikin Applied’s SiteLine Building Controls portfolio includes three offerings to meet a range of needs: SiteLine for Wireless BAS, SiteLine for Dedicated Equipment and SiteLine...