i-PRO Sensing Solutions

Feb. 25, 2021

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America, a global leader of advanced sensing technologies, continues to expand its portfolio of AI-driven analytics. i-PRO FacePRO facial recognition analytics employ AI and deep learning to recognize and authenticate the identity of an individual. The powerful software can identify a person even if their face is partially covered, if they are at an obscure camera angle or if they have aged. 

To help protect an individual’s privacy, Panasonic i-PRO offers an AI-assisted redaction plug-in for the Video Insight video management system (VMS). This software enables automatic redaction of faces on video, which saves hours of time for security personnel and law enforcement agencies, schools, municipalities, correction facilities and others in responding to FOIA or FERPA requests.

Through a partnership with MOBOTIX, i-PRO is now offering a new thermal camera solution to help organizations maintain the health safety of those entering their facilities. This solution combines MOBOTIX M16/S16 cameras with a new plug-in from Panasonic i-PRO's Video Insight video management system to automatically detect when an individual's body temperature exceeds a pre-set threshold and provides an alert to the appropriate personnel.  

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