Remote Building Manager

April 19, 2023
Cloud-based supervisory software that manages buildings 24/7 from anywhere.

Remote Building Manager helps owners and tenants monitor energy use and reduce operational costs—and it also lets them manage building systems 24/7 from anywhere on a variety of devices. This cloud-based supervisory software allows users to add or remove sites and capabilities at any time based on the overall level of service needed. It can be used in any type of building—leased or owned, new construction or legacy.

Built on the Honeywell Forge platform, Remote Building Manager also makes it simple to add or remove other services from the Honeywell Forge ecosystem, such as Carbon and Energy Management and indoor air quality monitoring. Works with the Optimizer Suite controllers as well as supporting integration with third party controllers to provide real-time system insights and identify efficiency opportunities. Subscription-based and requires minimal hardware, capital expenses and on-site IT support to run and maintain.