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Envelope, Structural & Windows

DuraGard CM Transition Flashing

DuPont’s DuraGard CM Transition Flashing helps protect buildings against air and water intrusion. Use it to seal critical transitions and interfaces to achieve complete building...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Froth-Pak Spray Foam

DuPont’s Froth-Pak Spray Foam is an HFC-free, two-component polyurethane spray foam for filling large gaps and penetrations. Provides thermal, air and moisture management to buildings...

DuPont Tyvek Roof Protector

DuPont Performance Building Solutions announced the launch of DuPont™ Tyvek® Roof Protector™, a new product under the Tyvek brand that provides a cooler gray color surface for...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

DuPont Tyvek CommercialWrap

DuPont Tyvek CommercialWrap is an air and water barrier that helps seal the building envelope, reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling. It allows water vapor to escape...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier System

The DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied System provides a one-coat air and water barrier that can be used alone or combined with DuPont’s commercial wrap. Wall systems are protected from...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Flashing Systems

DuPont Flashing Systems are an easy means of helping direct water to the building’s exterior rather than trapping it inside the wall system and incurring costly damage. Use DuPont...