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Powerfoil X3.0

The Powerfoil X3.0 is a durable industrial fan that uses aerospace-designed airfoils and winglets with a cuffed winglet design that reduces noise. The sealed NitroSeal Drive gearbox...
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Pivot 2.0

Pivot 2.0 is a durable fan ideal for tight workspaces and crowded work areas. Delivers air up to 120 feet away. Mounts on the ceiling, beams or columns. Features a 6-foot diameter...
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Haiku84 is a ceiling fan that provides twice the airflow of a standard fan while using less power and generating triple the torque of previous models.Features aluminum airfoils...
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Ranging from 8-14 feet in diameter, Essence can be used for indoor and outdoor air flow.With its high-efficiency, sensorless direct drive motor, Essence provides quiet ventilation...

Big Ass High Bay LED

Big Ass High Bay LEDs are manufactured from a solid piece of anodized, extruded aluminum with ribbed fins at the top. The design allows heat to move away from the fixture. The...
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The Element fan maximizes the energy efficiency of HVAC systems by recirculating conditioned air, while its airfoil and winglet design optimizes airflow. Element is built for ...
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Haiku Ceiling Fan

Haiku ceiling fans offer a sleek look that conceals Sensorless Drive Technology, which delivers an 80% improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors. The fans...
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MONEY-SAVING PRODUCT WINNER The airfoils at the end of Isis’s 10 blades silently move large volumes of air in small spaces with ceilings as low as 12 feet. Available with diameters...