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Fire & Life Safety

Focal4 Shared Situational Awareness

Focal4 Shared Situational Awareness streamlines operations and improves emergency response in facilities.The software platform aggregates information from any brand of access ...
Fire & Life Safety

S3 Series

The S3 Series fire alarm control panel features a touch-screen display. Serving as a remote annunciator, the unit provides first responders and facility managers with easy access...
Fire & Life Safety

4-Warn Fire/CO Detector

MONEY-SAVING PRODUCT WINNER The 4-Warn Fire/CO Detector uses addressable sensing technology to detect smoke, CO, flame, and heat. When used with a sounder base, the detector can...
Fire & Life Safety

7200 Retrofit Kit

The 7200 Retrofit Kit upgrades FCI 7200 Series fire alarm control panels to the latest technology of an E3 Series® fire alarm and emergency communications system. The kit enables...
Fire & Life Safety

Alertus Alert Beacons

The Alertus Alert Beacons serve campuses and large facilities that do not have an in-building emergency notification system or cannot use a retrofit unit because of compatibility...
Fire & Life Safety

FocalPoint Workstation Family

The FocalPoint family of graphic workstations provides facility and security managers with real-time information and systems control and includes a touchscreen monitor, high-speed...