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Coilkeeper Subtext Resized
Fire & Life Safety


Potter's CoilKeeper Supervisory Switch is designed to supervise the position of a coil on a solenoid for a preaction/deluge system as required by NFPA 13 ( The unit...
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Fire & Life Safety

SignaLink Bridge

Potter's SignaLink Bridge Wireless Supervisory System can monitor any dry-contact switch such as tamper or flow switches and transmit their status wirelessly to any fire alarm...
Siemens Digitalized Aspirating Smoke Detectors
Fire & Life Safety

FDA261 and FDA262

These digitalized aspirating smoke detectors are ideal for large protection areas, including in critical infrastructure.
Fire & Life Safety


The Tyco Model ESFR-17 Early Suppression, Fast Response Pendent Sprinkler by Johnson Controls are designed with flexibility in mind. Use them to protect high-piled storage arrangements...
Fire & Life Safety

AlertTile FR

The AlertTile FR tactile warning system is engineered for interior exit stair wells, vestibules to exit stairs, lobbies and corridors. The fire-resistant glass-reinforced thermoset...
Fire & Life Safety

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke & Fire

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke and Fire is a new fire safety closure that compartmentalizes fire and smoke at the first hint of smoke, enhancing life safety. Encloses atrium areas, ...
Fire & Life Safety

Corridor Sprinkler Family

Johnson Controls has expanded its Tyco corridor sprinkler family with the launch of the Series RFII-C Royal Flush II Quick Response Concealed Pendent sprinkler, which joins the...