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Fire & Life Safety

IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS

Offering fire and emergency voice communications, the IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS emergency voice system includes low frequency sounders, sounder bases, and an amplifier to provide...
Fire & Life Safety

SK-FIRE-CO Detector

The SK-FIRE-CO Detector is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.If smoke or CO is detected by multiple units in the same quarters, the sounder bases can be programmed...
Fire & Life Safety

Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System

The Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System enables facilities to meet ADA code requirements and satisfy emergency communication needs.Unlike common intercom systems, the Pro-Alert...
Fire & Life Safety

Farenhyt IDP-FIRE-CO

The Farenhyt IDP-FIRE-CO detector’s four sensing elements quickly identify and verify true fire events. The detector also delivers customized tones to differentiate between a ...
Fire & Life Safety


The IFP-2000ECS is a combined fire alarm and emergency communication system that protects larger facilities. With the ability to network up to 16 panels, this system delivers ...
Fire & Life Safety

IntelliKnight 5600

The IntelliKnight 5600 is ideal for small applications where two- to five-zone conventional fire alarms are traditionally installed. A built-in browser allows installers to perform...
Fire & Life Safety

Farenhyt ECS

The Farenhyt ECS (Emergency Communications System) line provides fire protection and a system for broadcasting real-time communications. By integrating mass notification capabilities...