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WaveCrest Sensor Faucets

This line of sensor faucets combines a designer aesthetic with commercial-duty construction.

B-0107-J Spray Valve

B-0107-J is a spray valve with a flow of just 1.07 gallons/minute at 60 psi. It uses 60% less water than other EPAct-compliant valves but still easily removes stubborn residue...

EC-3122 Above-Deck Electronic Sensor Faucet

The EC-3122 Above-Deck Electronic Sensor Faucets save water by only turning on when a user’s hands are under the spout and running at a predetermined low-flow rate. Its hydrogenerator...

Stainless Steel Modular Waste Valves

While other valves’ rotary ball scores over time as they turn—affecting how they seal and leading to leaks—T&S’ modular waste valves provide the only open design, stainless valve...