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MonoSpace 500

The MonoSpace 500 is a machine room-less elevator that attaches hoisting machine to guide-rail and places control and logic components within the confines of the hoistway.Benefits...
Elevators & Escalators

KONE TravelMaster 110

The KONE TravelMaster 110 is an eco-efficient escalator that provides a smooth and safe ride. Inverter and smart operational modes optimize energy consumption, and an optional...
Elevators & Escalators

Kone Turnstile 100

Kone Turnstile 100 is a turnstile solution that improves occupant flow while maintaining strong access control protocols.Features steel and glass construction, multi-function ...
Elevators & Escalators

EcoSpace MRL

The KONE EcoSpace MRL promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility thanks to its EcoDisc motor. The permanent-magnet, gearless technology is three times more efficient...
Elevators & Escalators

KONE UltraRope

The KONE UltraRope is equipped with a carbon fiber core surrounded by a high-friction coating to cut elevator moving masses by up to 60%. It eliminates the disadvantages of steel...
Elevators & Escalators

TransitMaster 120 Escalator

The TransitMaster 120 is a medium heavy-duty escalator for indoor and outdoor applications. Eco-friendly features include standby speed operation, regenerative solutions that ...
Elevators & Escalators

MonoSpace Mid-Rise Elevator

The MonoSpace eliminates the need for the machine room required by overhead traction applications. This mid-rise elevator uses EcoDisc technology, which consumes 40% less energy...
Elevators & Escalators

KONE Polaris

The KONE Polaris destination control system increases elevator handling capacity, improves passenger comfort, and reduces passenger waiting times.It also strengthens security ...
Elevators & Escalators

EcoMod Escalator Modernization

EcoMod is an escalator modernization solution that provides facility managers with new energy-saving technology without expensive and disruptive truss removal.When no passengers...