Elevators & Escalators

Elevators & Escalators

Schindler Ahead

Schindler Ahead connects vertical transportation equipment, customers and passengers with its Technical Operations Center and technicians via its digital closed-loop platform....
Elevators & Escalators


The G2-Power+ elevator modernization system is a pre-engineered gearless upgrade package that can be installed with minimal disruption to a building’s normal traffic flow.Includes...
Elevators & Escalators


HoloLens is a hands-free elevator operations reality device that guides support technicians prior to and on the job site, significantly reducing service intervention times.First...
Elevators & Escalators

MonoSpace 500

The MonoSpace 500 is a machine room-less elevator that attaches hoisting machine to guide-rail and places control and logic components within the confines of the hoistway.Benefits...
Elevators & Escalators

TWIN Elevator System

The TWIN elevator system has two cars that share one hoistway and operate independently. Unlike a double-deck elevator, TWIN can park one cab while the other stays in operation...