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Versatec Ultra Single Hydronic

Versatec Ultra Single Hydronic is an energy efficient heat pump. Combines scroll compressors, R-410A refrigerant, and oversized heat exchangers to provide energy savings.Possesses...
Building Systems/O&M

Waterside Economizer Option

The waterside economizer option available on WaterFurnace’s geothermal and water source heat pump lines uses a building’s interior loop to provide cooling.Air is passed through...
Building Systems/O&M

Envision2 NXW Chiller

Envision2 NXW Chiller is a precise, multi-function water-to-water heat pump that easily connects to a building automation system.Features oversized stainless steel heat exchangers...
Building Systems/O&M

Envision2 Compact Geothermal Heat Pump

Available in 0.75- to 6-ton capacities, the Envision2 Compact design incorporates a number of advanced features, including the Aurora generation of communicating controls. Options...