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Building Systems/O&M

StrengThin™ 100 Series E125 Installation-Ready

The new Victaulic StrengThin™ 100 Series E125 Installation-Ready™ butterfly valve is an ideal solution for HVAC applications. By encasing the capability of a rubber-lined butterfly...
Fire & Life Safety

VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket

VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket from Victaulic is a bracket for cold storage applications and adjusts to any ceiling or wall thickness. Available for order with Victaulic’s V33, V36...
Fire & Life Safety

FireLock IGS Style V9

FireLock IGS Style V9 sprinkler coupling and grooved sprinklers can replace threads on both outlets and sprinklers. Ideal for storage and warehouse markets. Captured onto sprinklers...
Fire & Life Safety

FireLock Series 745 Fire-Pac

The FireLock Series 745 Fire-Pac is a pre-assembled fire protection valve and trim. It is pre-wired to a fire alarm control panel or junction box and enclosed inside a metal cabinet...

Style 107 QuickVic

Ideal for HVAC, utility, and process piping applications, Style 107 QuickVic rigid couplings are available in sizes ranging from 2-12 inches.They join standard roll-grooved and...
Fire & Life Safety

Style AB1 Bracket

The Style AB1 Bracket, an extension of the AquaFlex sprinkler line, eliminates the need for sprinkler installers to handle ceiling tiles, cut holes in ceiling tiles, and coordinate...