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Resiliency & Sustainability


9900D is a line of UPS products designed for the relentless demands faced by today’s cloud and colocation data centers. . The 9900D uses 400kVA power modules integrated with intelligent...
Resiliency & Sustainability

BEAM AX Energy Management System

The BEAM AX energy management system is a cloud-based tool for analyzing energy use and costs and developing actionable insights backed by data. The intuitive interface is accessible...
Resiliency & Sustainability

9900 Series and Summit Series

From Mitsubishi Electric, the 9900 Series and Summit Series are uninterruptible power supplies available with lithium ion energy storage solutions. Offers multiple levels of safety...
Building Systems/O&M

PremiSys Fusion Dedicated Outside Air System

Using 20% less energy than a traditional dedicated outdoor air system, the PremiSys Fusion Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) combines a VRF outdoor unit with an air handler....
Building Systems/O&M

H2i R2-Series

The Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i) R2-Series of VRF zoning systems can operate at up to 100% of its rated heating capacity at temperatures down to zero degrees F.The flash injection...
Resiliency & Sustainability

9900C UPS

The 9900C uninterruptible power supply is a 1.05 MVA on-line double conversion system that features high efficiency at all load levels.It offers a smaller size and lighter weight...

Jet Towel Mini

MONEY-SAVING PRODUCT WINNERThe Jet Towel Mini contains water in a drain tank instead of spilling it on the floor, ensuring a cleaner restroom.Its antimicrobial treatment, alcohol...
Resiliency & Sustainability

9950A UPS

The 9950A UPS provides mission-critical operations with an efficient UPS design for 400V power distribution infrastructures. It is a three-phase, on-line, double-conversion system...

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Building Systems/O&M

SmartME Zone Controller

The SmartME Zone Controller is a line of commercial HVAC controls that makes system-wide control and monitoring more convenient for building managers. The technology allows equipment...
Building Systems/O&M

VRF PWFY Hydronic Heat Exchanger

The VRF PWFY Hydronic Heat Exchanger uses waste heat to provide hot water from 86-113 degrees F., while cool water can be delivered at 50-86 degrees. An optional Booster Unit ...
Building Systems/O&M

Y-Series VRF Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi’s Y-Series electric heat pumps with variable refrigerant flow can efficiently cool or heat up to 50 zones. Pumps are available in 208/230-volt three-phase or 460-volt...
Building Automation & IOT

Electric CITY MULTI Controls Network

Mitsubishi Electric has added three controllers – the TC-24 Touch Screen Centralized Controller, the GB-50ADA Centralized Controller and the BAC-HD150 BACnet Interface – to its...