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Fire & Life Safety

Emergency Preparedness Kit

FEMA lists an emergency kit first in their recommended list of steps for emergency preparedness and response. This emergency kit features 167 pieces, including first aid supplies...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Dumpster Fresh

This nontoxic granular odor suppressant works instantly to neutralize and absorb odors with a concentrated formula. It can be used indoors and outdoors in dumpsters, trash receptacles...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Green Grout 66

Green Grout 66 removes dirt, soap scum, salts, body oils, rust, lime, calcium, and iron deposits in just 30 seconds using acid replacement technology. The non-corrosive, non-fuming...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Regal Plus

Regal Plus is a heavy-duty hand cleaner that uses surfactants and pumice to tackle tough dirt and grime. This solvent- and fragrance-free soap doesn’t require water and uses Aloe...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Instantfoam Deluxe Hand Sanitizer

Instantfoam Deluxe Hand Sanitizer is a hands-free dispensing system. Perfect for high traffic areas, it kills common germs using a perfume- and dye-free formula. The foam product...